Boys boys boys

Step aside Agynes, Jourdan and the rest, the boys are muscling in. News just in of HERO, a new twice-yearly glossy showcasing the best male models from the international agencies. Not sure who’s behind it but anyone brave/crazy enough to launch a glossy mag in the currant climate gets my wholehearted support. Check it out here.

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7 Responses to Boys boys boys

  1. Lynn and Horst says:

    love the first image, did you do it?

  2. Rollergirl says:

    No, I wish! I got it from their site :)

  3. Susan says:

    Never mind the boys, I'm more interested in the red shoes … x

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Bring on the mens!

  5. Chicsetera Paris says:

    Great idea! Will definitely look for the mag!


    –daily CHIC news from Paris–

  6. pretty face says:

    Mmm that is definitely a must-buy. 😉 x

  7. Make Do Style says:

    Blimey brave indeed but a great idea!

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