Bourgeois bags

I must be going through a midlife crisis. I bought my third bourgeois bag yesterday totally on impulse. A quick browse in Rellik (vintage store to the stars) turned into a twenty minute deliberation, not helped by the torrential downpour outside prolonging my visit. Finally I caved.

This 80s(?) Celine bag in never-dates camel with gold hardwear and adjustable/removable strap will work a treat with the new grown up look I’m cultivating. Think Studio 54-era Lauren Hutton in skinny blazer (I need to upgrade my Brooks Brothers one which has gone a bit – ugh- shiny), straight-leg Calvin Klein jeans (my Nudie’s will do for now) and vintage Charles Jourdan court shoes ($60 darlings from Miami, RESULT!!!). Just add a silk shirt unbuttoned to there and flowy, wavy hair (hmm, this bit’s tricky considering I haven’t had long hair since I was 15). Kisses to French Vogue and Emanuelle Alt for the inspiration. For more bourgeois bags check out (thanks to for the heads up).

1) Celine leather bag, Rellik
2) Gucci navy calfskin bag,
3) Gucci navy fabric bag

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3 Responses to Bourgeois bags

  1. discothequechic says:

    just read back over that comment you left about H Holland, you really know your stuff! Are you an industry biattcch?

    I didn’t know he was a stylist, so I kind of agree, I think thats what he should focus on, and maybe continue a line too.

    Man, I wish I could find genuine vintage pieces by worthy designers where I live! Only in London…

    S xx

  2. rollergirl says:

    Hey discothequechic…Industry biatch? dammit you rumbled me…

  3. purple says:

    love the first bag

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