Boombox finale

So the rumours are true. New years eve will see the last ever Boombox club night as creator Richard Mortimer has decided to end on a high. In its four short years Boombox has become an astonishing success and while Its critics may suggest it’s just a copycat club in the same vein as eighties legend Taboo, frankly, who cares? It has provided a place for style-obsessed young clubbers to flaunt their fashion skills and meet other like-minded creatives and in today’s celeb-crazed society, it’s quite refreshing to see some fashion inspiration that doesn’t come from the streets of LA or the pages of Heat.

Why end now? Clearly, Boombox has reached its tipping point and kudos to Mortimer for bowing out gracefully. The Boombox ‘look’ has had a big impact on fashion but it can’t continue forever. Best to pack up the PVC leggings and out-there maquillage and let 2007 be remembered fondly rather than limping on for another few years regardless. Sadly, I never got the chance to go to Boombox, I was forever planning potential outfits but the fear of the door policy is something that held me back. When you get to my age, you balk at paying and queuing to get into a club, never mind queuing and then -eek! – possibly getting turned away.

The last ever Boombox will be on new years eve and I’m envisaging a “last night of Shoom”-style roadblock in Hoxton Square outside. And for those interested in what Mortimer does next, check out his new venture, a London-based website covering fashion, music, art and parties at

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5 Responses to Boombox finale

  1. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    Well, at least he’ll go out in style…I’ve heard so much about this club for the last two years, it almost feels like I’ll miss it too- or at least the Facehunter’s shots from the parties.

  2. fredbutlerstyle says:

    Thanks for your comment…………always a little unnerving to realise that it is actually read…………nice to find another blog so i’ll keep an eye on you from now on too………
    I have my ticket for NYE BoomBox so I will report on the proceedings ………….

  3. alexgirl says:

    Wow, that’s going to be a crazy party! I love the pics you posted. Awesome makeup.
    Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

  4. Suzanna Mars says:

    This is what occurred in NY with Motherfucker. Same thing, at the height of its public awareness.

  5. Dustcakeboy says:

    I think it’s time for Boombox to conclude, at least Mortimer will ensure the phenomenon culminates in an unrivalled night!

    Have a great new year!


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