Boo George for Toast AW12

So that’s it. Summer’s over and whether we get an Indian summer is highly debatable. Time to crack on with autumn then, and gorge on the new Toast catalogue. As always, the art direction, photography, casting and styling are spot on. Boo George’s photography has a dreamy, hazy, wholesome quality reminiscent of 80s French Connection catalogues when the locations were vast and lush.

These photos were taken in the high plains and hill towns of Abruzzo and the Tusheti mountains of Georgia, where Nancy Rhode worked her magic styling layered utilitarian pieces over ultra-fine knits, washed silk shirts, and ski pants. Wait, did I just admire a pair of ski pants? I totally did. I must be losing the plot…

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One Response to Boo George for Toast AW12

  1. Lola says:

    These pictures are getting me excited about autumn!! At least Aw, we are guaranteed to be able to make most out of winter clothes, guaranteed cold weather! x

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