Blow PR – the hit factory

Last week I managed to get a final look at Blow PR‘s SS09 collections before they get bagged up and sent back to make room for the new stuff.

Blow has become known as the go-to PR for nurturing fresh talent and as well as promoting the now-established Basso & Brooke, Ashish and Manish Arora since their early days, also looks after some of London’s most promising bubbling-under names. Touring the showroom is like entering a ‘what’s cutting edge now’ exhibition. Elaborate samples are hung around the place as casually as a loveworn denim jacket and there’s a little story behind each piece or designer. The lone pair of work-of-art shoes with exquisite carved heels? Why, those are the Raouda Assaf for Basso & Brookes that garnered more column inches than Jourdan Dunn at the SS09 shows. The funfair-fabulous frock hanging like an exotic lantern? A Manish Arora special of course. A sequin jacket with bunch-of-banana-shaped shoulders? A highlight from the Jo-Jo & Malou collection – fun, fun, fun! I also loved the Smiley bags by Disaya and the big-as-a-house plastic party dresses by Craig Laurence – you could literally wrap yourself up like a present!

I was somewhat surprised to see a rail laden with rather elegant tailored trousers and silk blouses ┬áin sedate office-friendly colours (below). Was it someone’s drycleaning? No, it was the collection of Delia Covezzi – “Something commercial for us that we’re trying out. What do you think of it…?” (I think it bridges the gap between commercial and creative very well – clearly the bug for new designers to create wearable collections yet with strong, unique handwriting is catching on.)

Alongside the grown-up tailoring and statement pieces, Blow also looks after a number of streetwear labels including Nobody jeans who are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with a jeanius genius bespoke idea that I can’t reveal quite yet. My favourite collection of all however was Little Shilpa, the work of Mumbai-based designer-slash-stylist Shilpa Chavan who rummages around for found trinkets and reimagines them as beautiful romantic accessories – I’m sorry but how lovely are her pin-on epaulettes?

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8 Responses to Blow PR – the hit factory

  1. Summer says:

    Love this post.;D
    Look at those heels,very impressive.;D
    I love it sooo much..=)

  2. Solo says:

    Love the smileys bag.;D
    Nice post friend.

  3. Nonoy says:

    Love this post,and look at the heels..Fab.=)

  4. Georgie said says:

    I need that smiley bag!

  5. Sal says:

    That silk blouse with the flower applique is simply lovely – was that part of the Delia Covezzi collection?

  6. Rollergirl says:

    Sal: yep! x

  7. Film Upstart says:

    Loved the Delia Covezzi piece – does look divine

  8. laia. says:

    ooh those basso & brooke shoes are so delicious!
    my friend works there! she is the best.

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