Bloody typical

The minute my back is turned something exciting happens! No, not Amy Winehouse’s crack meltdown but the celebration of brand Stella McCartney at Selfridges.

From 6th – 20th February Selfridges is hosting ‘The World of Stella’ throughout its Oxford Street store. Entire windows and areas will be dedicated to la McCartney’s ready-to-wear, lingerie, skincare, denim, blah-di-blah-di-blah. Like, WOW, talk about a marketing coup! The most exciting bit will of-course be the Le Sportsac collaboration – how badly do I want one of those cute ickle backpacks? As if that’s not enough, there will also be – and I quote – “balloon modellers” (no, I’m not kidding), caricaturists to draw your portrait, a vintage photo booth to raise money for charity and a personal appearance by Stella herself during London Fashion Week on Wednesday February 13th at 5pm to meet and greet customers.

Phew, I need a lie down.

Backpack pic: Teen Vogue

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3 Responses to Bloody typical

  1. Fashion Tidbits says:

    i know those bunnies are supposed to be cute but it must be just me- they look a tad bit scary…

  2. Suzanna Mars says:

    You’re going to have to get a caricature drawn. Then hide it in the back of a book and find it again when you’re 90.

    Not sure I could pull off one of those bunnies. I’d have to expose my kneecaps and skip, I think.

  3. PrincessSteph says:

    not sure how I feel yet about the Stella stuff. Saw the travel bags that are part of the line and they are a bit too childish. made me think of a japanamation line. I will be really intrigued to see how successful it is. I assume that the fact that it is Stella will sell it out quickly, but i don’t anticipate them being “it items”. Have a great weekend,

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