Bicester Village supports young designers

Despite my not-so-subtle hints, Bicester Village has sadly not fallen for my self-serving genius idea of a pop-up shop in London. I shouldn’t cry too hard though as it has gone for something else, even cleverer.

Last Wednesday saw the launch of the British Designer Collective, a Bicester Village pop-up shop (open 31 Mar – 7 May) to celebrate emerging British design talent and expose it to the quality-conscious customer who loves original design but would like it not to be super-expensive. The beauty of Bicester Village is that its collections are two seasons old. So if you’re buying in April 10, you’ll be buying April 09’s collection. For young British designers like Erdem, Emma Cook and Atlanta Weller, it’s a way to make money on the pieces that didn’t sell while giving customers a second chance to buy from a past collection.
Like a sample sale then? God no! Unlike a sample sale, the merchandise is beautifully presented in a boutique setting. There are fitting rooms! They take credit cards! You can return it if you change your mind! Yes, it’s exactly like a proper shop, except the prices are generously reduced. In the current still-cautious climate, these value-conscious initiatives are more than welcome. For online customers there is Brand Alley, Gilt Groupe, Vente-Privee, The Outnet and Ebay’s new ‘flash fashion’ sales. For those who like shopping in shops, there’s Bicester Village. And for those who favour Maria Francesca Pepe over Marni, there’s the British Designer Collective.



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11 Responses to Bicester Village supports young designers

  1. Ribbons and Squares says:

    me encantan los zapatos! que bellezas!

  2. tiarastrash says:

    Gonna have to get my ass down there, looks like there's some goodies!

  3. In New York Paris Tomorrow says:

    What a good indie model … little personal pop-ups, not as spendy as current but building brand and personal connections.

    GILT and its look-a-likes are truly frightening to me in their displacement of the shop owner and making it all a timed priced garment.

    Change and progress and ease are wonderful and one can't go back again … but this popup is like the bakery on the corner with fresh croissant fragrance wafting through the busy streets. It's just delicious.

  4. M says:

    such a clever idea, but on the other hand the designers are not precisely unknown

  5. Peaches and Cream says:

    Hmm, I've been hearing so much about this Bicester place lately, I think the universe is trying to tell me something…okay, okay, I'll start planning my visit, I swear! Bicester here I come…

  6. Izzy says:

    Its amaze! Did a post on it myself about a week or so ago!

    swamped in flowers <3

  7. Rollergirl says:

    Hi M, no they're not unknown but they're not household names either. I think the BFC are aiming to raise awareness of these British fledgling brands with this venture…

  8. Glowing Doll says:

    I guess outlet stores (in general let alone high-end ones) are a relatively new novelty in the UK. It's not something I realised living there but reading this post and being back in Canada have made me aware of it.

  9. A La Mode says:

    Wow! I must go here! My friend is always talking about it, it's near oxford right?
    The Atlanta Weller shoes blow my mind.

  10. Rollergirl says:

    Hey A La mode, yes it is near Oxford…

  11. Phoebe.Madeleine says:

    I have never been to Bicester village, much to my disssapointment. I loved Emma Cook's collection for Topshop!

    phoebe.madeleine x

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