Ben Eine X Louis Vuitton

The art-fashion convergence continues to broker commercial collaborations. I quite like this one between Louis Vuitton and street artist Ben Eine. Eine has reimagined his signature typographic letters for Vuitton, arranging his colourful words on a silk square scarf. Although given the choice between knotting it round my neck and framing it, I think I’d prefer the latter.

I actually can’t find any info on this collab I’m afraid. Instead I found this very sweet video of Eine talking about his work a few months ago…


UPDATE: Ok I found some info. A lot of info!

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One Response to Ben Eine X Louis Vuitton

  1. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    THANK YOU for posting this!! I searched it the other day but literally nothing came up and I thought I might have dreamt it… Realllllly want one, and I can’t usually say that about LV stuff. This is actually a chic collaboration unlike that Stephen Sprouse shit!

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