Beauty snippets: CK One Colour, Chanel, Aerin…

Gorgeous pop packaging for the CK One Colour cosmetics line. Bip Ling showed me a couple of these products at the Louboutin party a couple of weeks ago (she’s a CK One ‘insider’) and I liked the chunky design and naive color blocking…

New Chanel nail and lip colours. The glittery Lèvres Scintillantes in Calyspo (the coral-ly one)  looks a bit scary in the tube if you’re not one for sparkly particles but actually they’re superfine so are more like tiny light reflectors than actual glitter. I love it.

PS, contrary to reports, those Chanel double-C tattoos won’t be available to buy, I checked with the PR at breakfast last week…

Further to my grumbles about depressingly flaky cuticles a few weeks ago, I’ve been on a hardcore handcare regime. Thanks to a flurry of Twitter recommendations, I bought The Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil pen (which is now down to £5.25) and OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment, plus a PR sent me the classic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which I haven’t used for yonks. I have been using Eight Hour Cream on the backs of my hand every morning, followed by the very light and non-greasy OPI cuticle treatment on my cuticles. A couple of times a day I also use the Body Shop brush pen on my cuticles which seems to be less oily and more effective than the cuticle oils I’ve used in the past. The pen format is also more portable than the glass bottle that a lot of other oils come in. Gotta say, this combination of products is working a treat.

Another recommendation for The Body Shop goes to its new Beautifying Oil, a dry oil for body, face and hair. I love dry body oils, they’re just quicker and nicer to use than body creams (although I’ll never tire of The Body Shop body butter). I was sent the Morninga variety to try which is a bit overpowering for me but it comes in ten other fragrances (I’ll probably buy coconut or mango next time). At £9 for 100ml (but currently selling for £6.45), a little goes a long way so I’d say this is pretty good value.

Finally, the beauty world is all in a tizzy at the prospect of Aerin Lauder’s own-name lifestyle brand. The line launches in August, with Aerin Essentials, a range of everyday hero beauty products. Harrods will have the UK exclusive, with 20 other UK stores to follow, including Selfridges and John Lewis. For a sneak peek, keep an eye on Aerin’s Tumblr and Twitter. (And if you want to feel sick with envy, have a look at her Aspen bolthole…)

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