Best beauty buys: A round-up of beauty products I’ve been trying out lately…


I have to say, Glossybox is coming up with the goods month after month. As I wrote in a post for Glamour a while ago, the main pull for me is the practicality of all these miniature products. My March Glossybox was a Harrods special containing goodies from Shu Uemura, SKII, Molton Brown, Clarins, a Valentino fragrance sample and a miniature Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. I admit I’m not fussy about mascaras but I do love this mini Lancome one with its wavy brush. On a separate note, I’ve also just started using Lancome Bi-facil eye makeup remover. I’m fed up of trying the cheap eye make-up removers; they either make your eyes itch or they’re not effective enough so I decided to invest in the proper stuff. This one does an efficient job of keeping pillowcases mascara-free plus has the added bonus of a calming rose scent (I’m obsessed with rose-scented skincare for some reason).


I’ve never done the whole cleansing-balm-and-muslin-cloth regime; frankly I don’t have the patience. But having tried Ren’s luxurious No1 Purity Cleansing Balm, I finally get it. The consistency is perfect – you scoop up a bit, rub it between your palms and massage into face and neck while inhaling the lovely soothing rose scent. Then you add a bit of warm water to turn the oily balm milky and using the wet muslin cloth (supplied), gently remove the cleanser. You can also massage it into your eyelashes to remove waterproof mascara. Then rinse off. You have to take a bit of time over the process but it’s ideal for removing heavy make-up after a night out.


Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm

Two very different lip products, both are good for a subtle lip boost but need reapplying. Clinique’s Chubby Stick is a great morning balm, easy to crayon on in seconds and a wearable pinky shade. I like it for slapping on first thing but have been adding a bit of Stila Lip Glaze later in the day to make it more shiny. For slightly more oomph I’ve been using YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Lip Stain in Orange. To be honest, it’s a bit faffy because you get quite a lot of product on the applicator and as I like a sheer effect, I end up blending it with my finger so it gets a wee bit messy. But the orangey shade is just right for spring and the best thing (about both products) is there’s no glitter or shimmer. Even though it takes longer to apply the YSL, I enjoy the ritual and of course I love YSL packaging!


My idea of heaven is a hot bath and a copy of Vogue before bed. My recipe for a really relaxing bath is a few drops of Aromatherapy Associates bath oil plus a sprinkling of This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak. You can’t beat lavender for deep relaxation and this will melt every crease from your furrowed brow.


A nifty bit of time management meant I scheduled myself for a Scholl pedi at the end of a marathon day of AW12 press days last week. As well as having a pedicure by quite the nicest lady I’ve ever met – thank you Trish Lomax – I was also gifted a mountain of Scholl products to try. Trish prescribed regular foot filing, Scholl Dry Skin Exfoliator and Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream for my slightly (ahem) flaky soles. A chat with podiatrist Michael Harrison-Blount revealed the following nugget of info. Apparently we should make sure our feet are always properly supported because letting your feet slide around your shoes causes friction which leads to hard skin and calluses. That means laces should be done up securely (so no lazy shoving feet in and out of trainers) and mules are quite the worst thing you can wear. Ha, I told you so

Although I’ve been thoroughly spoilt for beauty products lately, I’m still searching for an aubergine cream eyeshadow (sparkle-free) and the perfect cuticle de-flaker for my ragged nails. Let me know if you have any recommendations to share.

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6 Responses to Best beauty buys: A round-up of beauty products I’ve been trying out lately…

  1. madeleine gallay says:

    Cuticles ragged? A dab of Blistex, stays put and immediately softens. Nice for dry elbows too. And rough heels after a good scrub.

  2. Terri Louise says:

    CND Solar Oil is a godsend for scratty cuticles! I haven’t found anything that beats it!

  3. Lisa Gusto says:

    The best cuticle product I have ever used is Pink Boutiques oil, it’s organic! Blogged about it

  4. anushka says:

    Good ol ‘Vaseline for the cuticles! I would also suggest vaseline to keep the sole of your feet soft-put vasline on them and wear socks to bed.Works wonders!
    Def agree about Lancome Hypnose mascara- that is all i buy to make my eyes pop!

  5. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks for the comments! Quite the flurry of cuticle remedies on Twitter too. I’ll be trying them all:

    @Boudoirlashes: cuticle oil solar / daddy dnt tear off clip at base of tear wear gloves when doing house chores! And cream cream cream!

    @Lindasharkey: almond oil

    @iloria: Burt’s Bees lemon cuticle balm is the best! [actually have tried this, didn’t work] and Dr Hauschka neem nail oil

    @fancyshoegirl: vitamin E capsules cut them and massage oil into cuticles at nighttime and very cheap!!!!

  6. Disneyrollergirl says:

    More tweet recommendations:

    @AlexSteinherr: Get The Body Shop Almond Nail+Cuticle oil-comes in a handy pen so it’s not as messy as most + it’s a cheap steal x

    @SophieLFry: neem nail oil is good. But OPI Avoplex is better. Smells nice too

    @BiondaCastana almond works a treat x

    @McHGolightly I tried Solar Oil and it really works.As it’s mainly made of almond oil I guess that works too.

    @MissBelaShah: solar oil YES! x

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