Beautiful boys

There was a time in the eighties when girls really, properly fancied boys in make-up. Boy George, Adam Ant, Nick Rhodes (guilty!) and OMG, David Sylvian (above) were the gods of male beauty. I loved Japan both for their music and for their style and beauty. Drummer Steve Jansen was also an avid photographer and sells some of his beautiful photos of Japan on his website. To raise money for his friend and former bandmate Mick Karn who is undergoing cancer treatment, Jansen is donating funds from some of the sales of his work. More info at

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5 Responses to Beautiful boys

  1. That's Not My Age says:

    Love the top picture of David Sylvian – I saw Japan back in the eighties at Lancaster Uni they were fantastic! After the show I got them to sign my album sleeve – and then sold it. Wishing I had it now.

  2. EIGHT LONDON says:

    I still think some boys look better in make-up. No qualms about 'guy-liner' for me.

  3. WendyB says:

    Love these boys.

  4. thoughts running through my head.... says:

    I didn't realise Mick Karn was suffering from cancer atm, so sad!! Its funny you should post this about the 80's boys, because I had a massive urge to listen to Japan the other week and so I had a YouTube-fest. Listen to 'Ghosts' if you haven't for awhile it will make you remember when music was gloriously moody!

  5. Miss T says:

    Pretty boys 😀

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