Aw12 trend report: MIH press day

Sometimes, after endless appointments of full-on fashion-fashion, you need a palate-cleanser at the press days. Enter MIH‘s new Shepherd’s Bush HQ; all white walls, high ceilings, pristine denim and utility-luxe separates with a London-meets-Paris twist. I got a tour of the studio and a glimpse of the new mens Jean Machine line too…

“Designing jeans is more like cooking. The stuff in the laundry is like the stuff in the kitchen where the chemicals are your ingredients,” said MIH director of design, Jess Lawrence. “If you design a dress you’re thinking about the drape but with jeans the silhouettes are more fixed; you really design the wash as well as the jeans because the wash also affects how they fit.” All the MIH girls gravitate towards the same sorts of pieces so on the basis of who wore what at the press day, I’d say these mannish jeans and the leather jacket are likely to be the big hitters for next season. Personally though, I’m all about the indigo denim pleated blouse…

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One Response to Aw12 trend report: MIH press day

  1. The leather biker jacket with the contrast sleeves is to die for!!
    Gems x

    London Fashion Review Blog

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