AW11 press day highlights part 4

Underground Shoes’ pearl grey suede and spiky black brothel creepers

Jonathan Saunders’ clashy zigzags. Nope, still not bored having seen them for the nth time…

Pollini’s jodhpur boot

Cloud prints by Vanessa G and Keith Tyson for Mother of Pearl, reminding me of my favourite cloud-strewn Tumblr stream

John Hoyland’s rather special ‘Mysteries’ exhibition at the Beaux Arts Gallery, 22 Cork Street, W1 (en route to Starworks PR)

Overly decorative western boots by Sendra at Goodley PR (1 and 2) and Zadig & Voltaire (3)

COS navy shirt-body and men’s high vis orange neoprene tee

Bally’s black and tan combo, articulated heels and leather collared shirt

Sergio Rossi’s patent pumps, dotty cocktail clutch and heels

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5 Responses to AW11 press day highlights part 4

  1. khatija says:

    Jodphur boots-need in life.

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  3. Loving the COS body, the orange tee and Vanessa G’s prints, they really took my breath away!

  4. Duck says:

    Argh I can’t wait to get some Jonathan Saunders menswear!! *cries*


  5. jill (dot) says:

    What a fantastic selection: a feast for the eye of colour, shape, texture!

    I’m really impressed that what I’m seeing at press days is far more colourful and fun than it seemed some of fashion week was. I don’t know why.

    Lovely post, and lovely running into you today! See you soon.

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