AW10 trend report: Va-Va-Valentino

Dear naysayers who think flats are dullsville. You obviously haven’t seen these Valentino studded Bardot-does-punk creations. Shame on you…

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5 Responses to AW10 trend report: Va-Va-Valentino

  1. birdandholly says:

    They are a-m-a-zing!
    I love how studs are on absolutely everything now days.

  2. kirstyb says:

    cute x

  3. WILDasaMINK says:

    I very rarely wear flats–but to these babies I say, "YES PLEASE!!!!!"

  4. Style Eyes says:

    In reality I end up wearing flats most of the time. It is great to see such gorgousness is available for my everyday wear

  5. Make Do Style says:


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