At last, APC store to open at 35 Dover Street in July…

The moment I’ve been waiting for! Boy-girl cardigans and utility boots, here I come…

[Pic: Honeyee]

UPDATE: Word from APC is end of July…

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6 Responses to At last, APC store to open at 35 Dover Street in July…

  1. susie_bubble says:

    Yes!!!! That's all I can muster right now….

  2. Hapsical Blog says:


  3. Madelene says:

    Just when Alexa Chung has moved to New York!.. I'm surprised London has been without one.

  4. La Chauve-Souris says:

    amazing amazing…. do you know when it's opening exactly??

  5. etoilee8 says:

    I'm surprised London was without one too. Shocked even. This is the place where I spend WAY too much money. Always. But I have never bought anything from the store that I haven't loved.

  6. Anonymous says:

    APC London store opens today, 29th July. I'm truly excited! Malcolm

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