Astronaut Barbie

I need one of these for my office…

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7 Responses to Astronaut Barbie

  1. That's Not My Age says:

    Can she do the filing?

  2. Prad Savania says:

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  3. WendyB says:

    Does she come with the backdrop?

  4. danniekate says:

    i found a list online of all the jobs barbie has had over the years – it was impressive!

  5. Tracie Tsuneya says:

    Have you seen the Dia de los Muertos Barbie? I'd like one of those for my desk.

  6. atelier says:

    haha, brilliant

  7. BM Models says:

    I saw this on Vogue too, Barbie has done it all!

    Adoring your posts on here.

    Megan x

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