ASOS launches Marketplace

Pioneering as ever, is poised to launch its brand new Marketplace just in time for the holiday season. A place where an individual can sell off their own unwanted fashion wares or a store can set up its online space, it’s a timely poke in the eye to Ebay and its increasingly unfriendly attitude to independent sellers. The only stipulation to individual sellers in the Marketplace is the merchandise must be photographed ‘street style’, so none of your dingy still life pics, these need to be styled on a human body, preferably in an interesting way in order to get the most exposure on the Asos site.

Taking its cue from sites like, Asos has tapped into the consumers’ desire for wearable styling ideas and personal context. Sellers are encouraged to shoot their pictures in photogenic scenarios to make them as ‘editorial’ looking as possible. The picture/item can be ‘liked’ which will place it highly in searches. The selling process is straightforward. A price is set and payment is made by Paypal with Asos taking 10% of the sale price.

A big draw of the Marketplace will be the ’boutique’ of vintage sellers. Selected vintage retailers can upload their logo and product (again, styled on people in situ) and merchandise their area as they see fit to make the space their own.

For designers and retailers, there is the opportunity to set up shop in the Marketplace. When the site launches (ETA mid-end November), Browns Focus and Faster by Mark Fast wil be among the first retailers/designers with a presence. “We want to help small businesses grow,” I was told by an Asos rep at the press day this morning. “This way we can build a platform that exposes small businesses to our vast database.”

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4 Responses to ASOS launches Marketplace

  1. Madame G says:

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for small businesses – but it's gonna play havoc with my bank balance!

  2. A La Mode says:

    ASOS are planning to take over the world, the director of womenswear told me herself!

  3. Peaches and Cream says:

    How had I not heard about this?? Sounds like it will be really cool and useful, especially for time suckage. They really do have an amazing team over there at ASOS, they know what they're doing that's for sure.

  4. Chuck says:

    Wow, this sounds like a great idea. Will be interested to see how it pans out. x

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