The perfect bag? A.P.C for ABC

My beloved Strand Book Store bag is well past its best and it’s possibly time to be put down. To replace it? Perhaps one of these A.P.C bags, made in collaboration with the Art Berlin Contemporary event (ABC). The limited edition bags will be sold  in selected A.P.C stores in Berlin, Paris and New York from August 20th and at the art fair from 13th-16th September.  Or you can buy online (from €15). They’re my idea of the perfect bag, with sensible proportions, not-too-short straps and a colour palette featuring all my favourite neutrals. Totes amaze…

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5 Responses to The perfect bag? A.P.C for ABC

  1. Kb says:

    Ahh I hope I can get one of these, am a major A.P.C fan. Their denim tote is so handy and well made.

  2. picolin says:

    I cannot live without tote bags, and always having a difficulty to find a decent and good design one. Now I begin to think about go to Berlin to get one as well as check the event itself!

  3. Certainly more attractive than your average bag for life!

  4. Emma says:

    I need one of these bags in my life! Will they be online from august 20th? x

  5. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks for the comments, I’m definitely buying (at least) one. Emma, yes I believe that’s when they go online.

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