Antony Price for Topman

With all the hoo-hah about the H&M/Comme collab, you may not have known that the Anotony Price for Topman ‘Priceless‘ collection was unveiled last night. Sadly, I never got the Antony Price interview I was promised but I’m planning to head over to Topman/Oxford Circus this arvo to check it out. I hear the coats are particularly desirable (and come up small!)…


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7 Responses to Antony Price for Topman

  1. Make Do Style says:

    Now this will wonderful! Do report back.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    I think that suit is hotter than that CDG for H&M coat-dress! Thanks for the tip.

  3. The Look says:

    Didn’t know you were trying to interview AP. If still interested give me a shout and I’ll do my best to hook you up.

    Hope you like what he’s done…

  4. susie_bubble says:

    It’s a wonderful collection…

  5. Top Bird says:

    Looks amazing. Will have to check it out. xx

  6. V says:

    fantastic post, wanna link?
    I love antony priceeeeee

  7. Jaiden_James says:

    i did like the milatary jackets but saw them on that boyband on x factor kind of put me off

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