Another new name to learn

Marco Zanini, head womenswear designer at Versace (er, what does Donatella do then?) has been appointed creative director of Halston. This is definitely a name to memorise, as the newly-resuscitated Halston is owned by Hollywood hotshot Harvey Weinstein. On board already are Tamara Mellon and Rachel Zoe so this is one revival that is almost guaranteed to succeed – with the combined connections of those three alone, they pretty much have everyone in the entire fashion and entertainment industries on side before Zanini’s even sharpened his pinking shears.

Pic: Read more about Halston, buy the book on

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2 Responses to Another new name to learn

  1. Mrs Fashion says:

    She tans, darling.
    Yes, all the time 😉

  2. susie_bubble says:

    The line will most probably succeed like you said….

    Whether I’ll go for the new Halston or not is something else altogether…. perhaps the name Rachel Zoe is enough to make me want to run 30 miles…

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