Anna Wintour: “Sometimes geeks can be chic”

Anna Wintour’s regulation five-word* acceptance speech at the Webbys was witty if slightly inaccurate.

“Sometimes, geeks can be chic” she quipped, while picking up a People’s Voice award for I’d argue that there’s nothing geekish about technology now – it’s been chic for at least two years. What do you say?

*every winner’s speech was limited to five words

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7 Responses to Anna Wintour: “Sometimes geeks can be chic”

  1. Is that it???? SIlly!!! lol x

  2. Aja says:

    Seems like an awkward thing to say, but that’s what I love about A Wintour. Behind those glasses and despite what movies and books have said, I think she’s simply misunderstood :)

  3. A says:

    I think Daniel probably expected a little more than that after the effort he put into that lovely introduction!

  4. Yes, considering Anna Wintour famously doesn’t like bloggers and (is that what is meant by is still lacking in a landscape of other fantastically fast-paced fashion websites I don’t feel this award is well deserved..

  5. ..also your ‘chin up!’ style comment really made me smile the other day. I do indeed think I’m overdue a visit to London, think I’ll come down in the month and when I do I’ll give you a heads up for a potential cuppa? X

  6. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks Verena, me and Stevie had this out over email. Tres confusing the whole thing!

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