OMG, have you seen Anna Sui’s Disney make-up!

This could well be the cutest beauty packaging of the year. Anna Sui’s Minnie Mouse nail polish bottle, bow palette and lipstick are quite gobsmacking. And in the case of the lipstick, almost ununsable. I mean, smoosh that bullet into your lips? Way to ruin the effect!

Anyway, this genius and very well suited collab, just launched on ASOS, but I can’t imagine it will stick around long. It’s extremely festive and gifty and clocks in at £15 per bottle for the nail polish and £48 for a set with the lipstick and eye palette. You can buy it here

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4 Responses to OMG, have you seen Anna Sui’s Disney make-up!

  1. sandy says:

    So cute, I want them all :)

  2. Nymphashion says:

    This is indeed the cutest packaging of the year, I want it so bad!

  3. SJP says:

    Those are adorable – totally impractical lipstick but at least you could enjoy the nail varnish and repurpose the bottle afterwards.

  4. sarah says:

    omg!! no I didn’t see it, but now I love it!


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