And the award for Best Oscar Tweets goes to this lot…

Hello J Lo. If you get hungry you could always snack on that giant prawn cracker you appear to be wearing #oscars

HUUUGE dress on J-Lo, no one can get within three feet of her #oscars

People have asked me where I am. I can now reveal all. I’m inside Jennifer Lopez’s dress. #Oscars2010

Who does Ryan Seacrest think he is? PATRICK MCMULLAN? Stop introducing people to each other #oscars

Lot of beards on the red carpet this year. No, I’m not talking about George Clooney’s date … #Oscars2010

#oscars Gabourey Sidibe on her dress: “If fashion is porn, this is the clear money shot”

#oscars Note to @SerenaJWilliams: learn how to pronounce MAX AZRIA when you’re on the red carpet! Sheesh! You’re wearing a FREE GOWN!

Ryan Seacrest seems to think they are adding an ‘Idol’ element to the Oscars this year with nominees lining up before the awards… really?

And, may I say, where are those highly paid publicists with emails about the dresses? Hardly anthing. Love Jeff Bridges! So Jay…? Gag!

@CathyHorynNYT Isn’t he awful? I mean, who mistakes DIOR for LANVIN? Sheeeesh

#oscars Weird that people watching the Oscars in bars have got dressed up for it…you ain’t there guys

#oscars Claudia Winkleman – footless tights? In 2010?

Love Carrie Mulligan in her short hair and strapless! Adorable. But in gen, a bad, bad night for hair, facial included.

amanda seyfried and miley cyrus’ dresses look RIDICULOUS together. like some weirdo debutante moment.

SWEET MOTHER OF GOD. Amanda Seyfried got confused on the way to the wedding chapel. Pale meringue alert in Armani Privé

#oscars Robert Downey Jr.’s bowtie = NOT HOT. Alber Elbaz would be mortified!! Thank goodness it’s not Lanvin.

RT @CharlieCircus: Not a good look – SJP smacking her gum in the audience. #oscars

Molly Rigwald: Not so pretty in purple. #Oscars2010

Mathew Broderick should be presenting Best Short. #Oscars2010

Can you used the word “vagina” on prime time? 90 million people just dropped their popcorn. #Oscars2010

Why is there a Bed, Bath and Beyond wall of lampshades behind directors Tarantino and Pedro Aldomovar? What happened to Oscar????? Goop-y!

Who got your vote?
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6 Responses to And the award for Best Oscar Tweets goes to this lot…

  1. Rachel says:

    haha, brilliant blog!

    i think the J.Lo tweets are my favourites :).


  2. Looking Fab in your forties says:

    Hysterical! My fave? The darling LLG Prawn Cracker Tweet – Priceless!

  3. The poster girl for trouble. says:

    haha, libertylndngirls are priceless!

  4. citygirlstyle says:

    i was loving LLG's… tired eyes today at work from staying up a liiitle bit too late wishing I was part of the LA glamour for the night!!

  5. EIGHT LONDON says:

    Haha, I didn't see the oscars (didn't even know they were on…shows what a different planet I'm on) but this just pretty sums it up perfectly! No need to youtube then!

  6. AliceT says:

    great selection! there is something i find just the tinest bit annoying about Liberty London Girl though.. a certain smugness, I think.

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