All change

I’m seriously worried. Word is that autumn/winter is going to be the season of the big shoulder. It’s been a while coming – Lord knows the eighties revival has been bubbling at a steady pace – but so far ‘Eighties’ has been more about youthful jersey, Lycra and dayglo than Dallas-Dynasty silhouettes. Well forget all that. Preen’s show had a severely defined shoulder and Margiela is already touting the tailored shoulder as the way forward. Which begs the question, what kind of bag does one wear? An oversized slouch of the type we have all grown accustomed to simply will not do. Its chunky heaviness will slice a shoulder pad in two so a sharper, structured look is what’s needed. I’m liking this look by relative newcomer Michael Teperson. This bag has already been snapped up by Natalia Vodianova and it’s a handheld affair which won’t interfere with the sacred shoulder. An oversized clutch is another option already getting a certain amount of exposure for spring. Whichever it is, it’s all about a blade-sharp chic look so don’t fight it, embrace it.

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2 Responses to All change

  1. Libertygirl says:

    How funny – did you clock my post about Michael’s toaster bag. Great minds think alike, hey?! Nice to read a fellow fashionista’s blog – and one written by someone who can actually string two words together too. I was starting to think that it was de rigeur to be illiterate if one had a blog….

  2. rollergirl says:

    Hi Libertygirl, ooh no I didn’t read yours, I’ll have to have a look. I discovered Michael Teperson through his pr!

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