Alice Knackfuss at Other Shop


Nice one Other Shop! Continuing its mission to nurture emerging designers, Matt and Kirk have brought a. Knackfuss to London. Alice Knackfuss’s menswear-fused womenswear mixes tailoring and classic staples with exciting prints and clever, playful details.

My standout pieces are the sheer silk windbreaker, the layered shirt and the sheer-backed baseball jacket (alas, now sold out). Here’s some eye candy to feast on…

1 Alice-Knackfuss-Jacket4
2 Alice-Knackfuss-Jacket5
3 Alice-Knackfuss5
4 Alice-Knackfuss-sheer-Jacket2
5 Alice-Knackfuss-sheer-Jacket1
6 Alice-Knackfuss-sheer-Jacket3
7 Alice-Knackfuss-sheer-shirt 2

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