Absolut pop-up

Pop-up shops just keep on coming! The latest is House of Masquerade, popping up in Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street from 24th -27th October. (Redchurch Street is east London’s new It street – my favourite secret shop, Caravan has just relocated there, the new Conran hotel is opening there imminently and Shoreditch House has been happily settled there for a year or so.) Absolut Vodka is behind House of Masquerade, a collab with vintage outfitters Mint who have worked with fashion illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve to create a special live dressing up box experience complete with on-site stylist and Absolut Vodka on tap. Apparently, de Villeneuve has also produced 250 limited edition journals to go on sale during those 4 days (well, evenings actually, it’s open from 5-11pm) with proceeds going to The Terence Higgins Trust. I love Daisy De Villeneuve and I’m loving the sound of these journals. Especially as I’m sure they’ll cost less than the £350 that Smythson are charging for their exclusive limited edition Ed Ruscha diaries. (I know the money goes to charity but still…)

Not quite a pop-up shop but an interesting space none the less, Acne Jeans opened its new mini department at Liberty during London Fashion Week. I went along to the opening with fellow bloggers Alison from Bish Shops and Géraldine from Café Mode but to be honest, I was more interested in cocktail sipping, oggling Alexa The Chung and speculating on the arrival/non arrival of Kings Of Leon than the actual clothes. But I went for a closer look this week and…it’s fabulous! I love the slim-leg chinos and cuboid storage and of course the perfect-in-every-way Acne Paper. If only the Lanvin-for-Acne collection would hurry up and land already…

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13 Responses to Absolut pop-up

  1. Make Do and Mend says:

    I love a post stuffed with glamour!

  2. A dreamer says:

    jeez i wish i was there. i love the sketches on the dividers…i gotsa to say i'm more obsessed with kings of leon than Acne&Lanvin colab right now.

  3. pretty face says:

    I’ve never seen a pop-up shop before… dumb question maybe but how do you know that they have actually popped-up and didn’t always have a more temporary layout?

  4. Queen Michelle says:

    Did you see Miss Chung at the Topshop show? Beautiful but sooo thin!
    Barry has an irrational and extreme dislike of her, and when we were in the little area with the champagne she was in front of us, and Barry had to leave and find our seats coz he wanted to punch her! Of course he wouldn’t have actually punched her.
    The only boy in the world who doesn’t fancy Alexa Chung. Fool!

  5. The Stiletto Effect says:

    very cool :)

  6. Top bird says:

    Sounds cool. I’m with you on the Alexa Chung spying and Kings of Leon yearning. And that reminds me … I must do a post on Caravan sometime soon. I haven’t visited yet since they relocated. xx

  7. susie_bubble says:

    I didn’t go but I like the design…..
    Urgh…. my boyf is a Chung lover (looks wise) but hates her voice…. I just have Chung-fatigue in general…especially after seeing Frock Me….*shudder*

  8. pretty face says:

    Oooh also – I’ve tagged you to share some random sets of four things about yourself… please don’t feel obliged to do it!

  9. Becky says:

    Such pretty things. I adore Daisy de Villeneuve. Also I adore *saying* Daisy de Villeneuve Absolut are throwing a big shindig for the store aren’t they? Are you going?


    I too quite fancy Alexa Chung if she doesn’t speak. This is much like my love of Marky Mark.

  10. Rollergirl says:

    Becky, I am planning to go…are you?

  11. Becky says:

    Yup. It’s my first blogger freebie/mild prestige thing. I have been recently dumped after 6 years so Tor and I are going for the booze and the beautiful things.

    I would love to meet you as I do so enjoy your blog – one of us should wear a white carnation!


  12. luapluap says:

    just found that you can win priority guestlist tickets to teh Absolut popup thing for Saturday night here http://beyonddrinks.com/2008/10/20/win-guest-list-tickets-to-absolut-masquerade/

  13. Anonymous says:

    loooove those dividers- I wants one for my room!?!?!

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