Absolut House of Masquerade – the verdict

So last night’s Absolut pop-up shop launch in Shoreditch was fun, fun, fun! Seriously, it was full of great characters – and bloggers! – and we all know how the combination of dressing up and cocktails is a dead-cert ice-breaker. I arrived with my friend Bish from Bish Shops and we were greeted on arrival by a giant red sparkly Absolut Vodka bottle in the window, followed by a cacophony of camped-up revellers inside – upstairs and down.

Can I say the music was fantastic? I can? Thank you. The music was fantasic (if a bit loud, I am getting on a bit you know) courtesy of DJ duo The Broken Hearts who played the best foot-tapping swinging tunes and also rocked the chicest glittery red lipstick and managed to look head-to-toe perfect all night long. (Like, how?)

The shop was beautifully merchandised with all manner of fancy frockery – not forgetting shoes, hats and hair accessories to make Dita Von Teese cry a river of tears. Stylist Sophia Hedblom (below, all in black) was on hand for advice and general zhuzhing as punters took their twirl in front of the camera. Alas, I didn’t as I spend all my life trying clothes on for work but to be honest it was far more fun watching everyone else while picking the brains of vintage dealer James whose company Mint Vintage provided the gownage.

I really loved all the retro props and furniture including my favourite Studio 65 lips sofa (I actually seriously considered buying one once) and all the bits and pieces specially customised by Daisy De Villeneuve – how cool is this wee table – I’m so copying that!

Meeting my fellow bloggers was obviously a highlight including Top Bird from Wee Birdy, Kate from Make Do Style (who snuck off early, tsk) and Tor and Becky from Fab Frocks who were both as cute and funny as their blog (that’s Becky in the gold jacket – a couture ‘piece’ apparently). I also had a nice chat with Courtney Blackman, co-founder and vice chairman of Fashion Business Club and director of Forward PR (two swishy jobs? Now that’s just plain greedy. There she is in the red hat…with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen!). Meeting Daisy De Villeneuve was pretty cool – check out her (wearing colour-clash Issa) and her mum – shouldn’t they be modelling for Comptoir Des Cotonniers?

I must say, I’m not a huge drinker but I did enjoy glugging the cocktails – especially the peach and ginger ones. It seems a lot of other people enjoyed the free voddy as those lovely sparkly red Absolut bottles that were dotted around the place (presumably as not-so-subtle branding) had all mysteriously disappeared by the end of the night. Some people – you can’t take them anywhere.

If you’re planning to get some House of Masquerade action, you’ll find all the info here. It’s on til Monday (evenings only), stock is replenished daily and it’s free to get in, so round up a crew and make the most of it!

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8 Responses to Absolut House of Masquerade – the verdict

  1. the fashion assistant says:

    I’m gutted that I couldn’t go due to work and meeting a deadline ARGH!!! Glad you’ve had a fab time!!!

  2. Make Do Style says:

    A good verdict and thanks for dobbing me in! That’s my hell raiser image out of the window.

  3. Style Eyes says:

    Oh no I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it. But thanks for the update and piccies – looks like it was great fun

  4. susie_bubble says:

    I couldn’t go either but Cheapskate Chic and Dressed and Pressed and That’s My Vibe had a great time….

  5. Jen (MahaloFashion) says:

    darn I wish i was there
    everyone looks like they are having such a great time
    love the outfits!!

  6. Dressed and Pressed says:

    Hey DRG, It was lovely to have met you, even if you didn’t know who I was! ‘Twas brilliant fun.

  7. miss cavendish says:

    That red uniform jacket above? I used to wear one with a kilt and kit for full Highland dress in boarding school. Brings back memories . . .

  8. SOS! says:

    ooh, looks like a fantastic night. The outfits look amazing! x

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