A wardrobe of watches

A wardrobe of watches? What a lovely idea! Oh to be the girl who has a watch for every occasion – something sporty, something luxe, something classic, something to wear while taking tea at the Wolseley… I have a few watches but I wouldn’t call it a wardrobe, more a mish-mash. In my fantasy watch wardrobe however, I’d have the following (all neatly stored on cushions in a Smythson-like suede-lined leather case, naturally) …

Classic: A 1970s men’s Rolex Oyster – loose but not overly so, in silver and gold steel

Luxe: An alligator-strapped Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso – very old money, very me

Fun: Something pretty and witty from Marc by Marc Jacobs to go with my imaginary YSL tuxedo – perhaps a chunky gold chain watch

Lavish: A Cartier Panthere – seriously blingy but with a touch of class

Sporty: I don’t do sports (I don’t think sweating in clubs counts) so my version of sporty would be a Michael Kors Chrono. Perfect for timing my disco naps.

What would you have in your fantasy watch wardrobe?

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One Response to A wardrobe of watches

  1. lin says:

    such a fun question to fantasise over on a monday. I'll have a classic Cartier Tank with a black leather strap for everyday, a Van Cleef and Arples "day and night" watch because it's such a luxurious, pretty work of art, something a little edgier and fun from Hermes like the Double tour Cape Cod or the Medor, and something really dainty but decadent and bracelet-like in the Art Deco style, dripping with diamonds.

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