A taste of Tim

I love reading Fred Butler’s blog about her fab jewellery n prop making and zhuzhy creative life. This photo* was sent to her from a friend who was working on a Tim Walker Vogue shoot in Suffolk (gotta be for the Christmas issue, no?). Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the chandelier?

(*To get a better view, go to Fred’s blog and click on the pic there to enlarge)

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4 Responses to A taste of Tim

  1. fredbutlerstyle says:

    Hi, Glad you like the pic. I can’t wait to see what they got up to either!

    BTW it was me in TopShop! I was trying to do a Sunday smash’n’grab swimming costume purchase but to no avail. I couldn’t justify paying 25 quid for a metallic not-quite-there number for a family holiday!

  2. Make Do and Mend says:

    Oh er missus very interesting and after his exhibition can’t wait!

  3. Sal says:

    HEY. There’s a DUDE in that truck.

  4. enc says:

    I’ll have to get on board with this, these things fascinate me. I love reading about what goes on behind the scenes.

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