A nice bit of skirt

Just in at Netaporter.com – the neon skirts that wowed us all at Jil Sander. And don’t forget the happy-clappy shoppers…

Neon pink side split skirt, £580, Jil Sander at Netaporter.com

Fuchsia leather shopping bag, £580, Jil Sander at Netaporter.com

Yellow leather shopping bag, £580, Jil Sander at Netaporter.com. These bags have two top handles but also have a detachable shoulder strap to make them more versatile – just the thing for the weekly shop, no?

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4 Responses to A nice bit of skirt

  1. Cocktails To says:

    I love this post! The bag is gorgeous, and I know I shouldn't be looking, but I love the shoes the model? is wearing in the bottom bag picture! Jill Sanders is great, the skirt is beautiful, but alas not only too expensive for me, too long! xxx


  2. That's Not My Age says:

    Gorgeous – loved the Jil Sander collection!

  3. Rosiepop says:

    epic collection – love the simplicity and the brights. Looking forward to seeing how much this filters down to LFW goer's outfits.

  4. Laura Bella says:

    love this!the collection of the season!

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