A funny old day

Any stylist or fashion editor will tell you that no two working days are the same but I usually think that’s a load of guff. I mean, there are some days when you don’t leave your desk – a constant torrent of emails to be answered, samples to chase up and appointments to make. Then other days consist of solid appointments to call in clothes, possibly interspersed with a press day or two. But today was a different kind of day. It began at 10am with a car sent by the BBC to pick me up as a guest fashion expert on the radio. I had a lovely amiable chit-chat with the driver who was celebrating his 27th wedding anniversary (kudos!) then spent the next hour taking live quickfire what-to-wear questions from the radio listeners and giving no-nonsense advice. It was exhausting but great fun. Even though I’m opinionated on here, I’m not usually one to dictate ‘wear this but don’t wear that’ but that’s exactly was was wanted, so instead of gently suggesting ‘maybe add a statement heel’ I had to get a lot tougher and bark things like, ‘lose that waistcoat love, it’s naff!’

That was followed by a few nibbles and a gander at the Net-A-Porter Cruise press day at the St Martins Lane Hotel. The highlights were Mint’s neon-pink pailette shift, Phillip Lim’s puff-sleeved military jacket and Richard Nicoll’s luxe, T-shirt shaped dress. New to the NAP stable for Cruise 09 are Preen, Lover and See by Chloe shoes.

Nearby was The Photographers’ Gallery so I took the chance to check out the Fashion in the Mirror exhibition, small but nicely put-together (but I’ll do a separate post about that). Of course, I spent more time in the bookshop than taking in the exhibition but who’s complaining – I bought a novel little photo book called Prom Night by Elissa Stein full of 50s-80s prom snaps – oh there were some beauties (and horrors)!

After a brisk sushi lunch I quick-marched over to the Hardy Amies Christmas press day. Now formal menswear is really not my forte and Hardy Amies is certainly not a name that’s normally on my radar but I thought I’d have a look and I’m glad I did. The mens ready to wear suits are spot on – slim trousers, narrow lapels and a great pricepoint at only £425 for a suit. Then there were some shit hot skinny ties – who knew Mr Amies was the first to do a squared-off tie? I was also shown a pair of Chelsea boots that were first designed as a collab with Clarks in the 60s and have been revisited for 2008. One more thing, did you know Amies was a former spy? Me neither!

I just had time to put in an appearance at the House of Fraser Christmas press day – lots of patent clutches and frothy prom dresses as you’d expect – before haring it to the South Bank as I badly wanted to see Waterlilies. Of course, I should have booked. I got there just in time (no thanks to the frankly criminal signposts that sent me on a wild goosechase) only to find it was sold out. Oh quel bloody surpris! But no harm done because it meant I rediscovered Albert Nyathi & Imbongi, a fantastic Zimbabwean band who were taking part in the National Theatre’s free outdoor festival. Back-story: I first stumbled upon this band on a gruesome hospital appointment two weeks ago – they were playing a mini-gig in the hossie foyer! On exiting the film-that-wasn’t-to-be, I recognised their costumes (namely the Marc Jacobs-style headbands) and dance moves from my vantage point, so spent a very enjoyable half hour rocking out to their highly contagious melodic grooves. Ain’t it funny how things turn out?

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14 Responses to A funny old day

  1. K.Line says:

    DRG: This day sounds so super glamorous! I would have LOVED to have had such an exciting time today…

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    What a great informative post. If the band sounds as good as they look, count me in!

  3. Make Do and Mend says:

    What a fab day! Reads much better than did washing and tidied houes uo apres France…damn there’s no glamour in my life….

  4. Sal says:

    That’s one helluva day, kitten. I bet you slept well that night!

    Any guilt over having to be so harsh during the BBC interview? Or did it feel good to be a little blunt?

  5. laia. says:

    that jacket! omg. i must have it!

    your day sounds a lot more fun than my day of sitting in front of the computer doing absolutely nothing and killing time until its time to go home.

    i need a new job :(

  6. pretty face says:

    Wow, you almost make fashion sound like an appealing industry 😉

    Seriously, it does sound like you had a ball… that orange jacket is utterly divine.

  7. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    That was some day! (and Hardy Amies- who I have only ever heard of- a spy? That’s quite…something). Am most fascinated by the prom dress book (couldn’t help observing, the dresses look almost like bridesmaid dresses) and the band, what a brilliant -sounding find – I’m off to see if they have a Myspace now (hope they do).

  8. stephanee. says:

    Want to exchange blog links? Mine is http://valentinechild.blogspot.com and the name is Fashion Juice. Your link is already up on mine! ;D <3

  9. enc says:

    What a lovely trip through your whirlwind day. I loved it!

  10. Crispin says:


    Picture request here from Crispin at CTM UK – http://www.ctmuk.com/imbongi .We look after UK tours here for Albert Nyathi & Imbongi .Would it be possible for you to forward a high res copy of yourlovely pic of Albert and the guys..I would love to put it on their myspace page..send to ctm@crispinthomas.orangehome.co.uk

  11. etoilee8 says:

    What a fun day! I miss doing fashion related things. I know it can be a real hustle and bustle but when you think about it, it’s pretty exciting and pretty cool. If you’re ever in the DC are (fat chance of that, I know), I would take you out to a swell lunch and pick your brain over what should be nixed and what should be kept in my wardrobe. Enticing offer, huh?!?

  12. Stylist Stuff says:

    You’re so cool. Would have loved to have listened to you on the radio!!!

  13. stephanee. says:

    i want that sparkly pink dress .. it’s kind of obnoxious and borderline ridiculous in the best possible way :]

  14. Paris says:

    All in a days work! Wow, I wish i’d have listened to your show. It sounds like such a fabulous day!

    The prom pics instantly reminded me of Something about Mary xx

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