Wishlist: A Child Of The Jago’s buffalo bowler

After years of being bodyconned to death, I’m soooo glad to see fashion taking a looser sportier turn. The nostalgia for the 80s/90s buffalo-grunge-androgyny years is certainly helping (although don’t mourn bodycon too much if you’re a fan, it’ll be back in a jiffy for sure).

Alongside the looser, boyish silhouettes, I’m drawn to these Fagin-esque A Child Of The Jago hats. This is the Buffalo Stance shoot in the current Vogue, a kind of buffalo-meets-hard-times-meets-Galliano mash-up in which A Child Of The Jago’s bulbous Wild Bill bowler features in every shot. Unfortunately there’s not much on offer on the A Child Of The Jago website at the moment but I’m hoping that’s just a temporary stock control blip. I’d love one of the blue ones to wear with my APC Crombie…

[Vogue images: Patrick Demarchelier]

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2 Responses to Wishlist: A Child Of The Jago’s buffalo bowler

  1. Hooray for Buffalo Androgyny – I’m having a bit of an eighties fashion moment myself.

  2. Angela says:

    Love the style and singing ‘Buffalo gals go round the outside, round the outside’ :-)

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