5 fashiony things I learn this week

Diane Von Furstenberg’s auumn/winter collection was inspired by beetroot. “I went out for lunch and I spilt some beetroot juice. I used a napkin to clear it up and it was the most extraordinary shade. I took the napkin into the office and said ‘ This is our colour’. Designers eh, they’re all bonkers.

Arthouse director-writer-actress Miranda July had a penpal who was a convicted murderer when she was fifteen.

80s designer-to-the-stars Antony Price is opening a new couture studio in Mayfair.

Barbara Hulanicki’s autobiography From A to Biba is being re-released through V&A Publications. How the hell did I miss this first time round?

The long awaited monograph, Bob Richardson edited by Terry Richardson is due for UK publication in October. Bob Richardson (father of Terry) was big in the seventies but fell on hard times and died in 2005. The hands-in-pockets-slouch was his signature model pose.

Pic: Bob Richardson by Amazon.com

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7 Responses to 5 fashiony things I learn this week

  1. Ondo Lady says:

    Yes designers are completely and utterly wacky but that is what I like about them. Everything goes. I saw Zandra Rhodes at Graduate Fashion Week last year and she was wearing some electrifying pink and blue combo with caked on make up. If she was not a fashion designer she would have been sectioned.

  2. Fashionyou's Molly says:

    Haha. Designers have the wierdest way of working out the new trends.
    I love the pic, but i do think photographers should stop putting cigarettes in their ads.

    Love the blog, keep it up

  3. Cris Lazoru says:

    Great post! Loved all the info,


  4. V*Kstro says:

    If I ever run into Ms. Biba I will tell her you said hi… she resides in Miami.

    Bryan Perry has to be thankful of Price, he was Roxy Musics 5th member.

    I cannot believe i have not posted on July… also highly recommended, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

    Looking back a bit on Richardson, how could anyone with so much talent just waste it like he did? I’ll never FULLY understand this sort of “trend’ with creative personalities.

  5. WendyB says:

    I LOVE that Richardson photo. And V&A has lots of great fashion books!

  6. riz says:

    gonna search for that ‘A to Biba’ book immediately!

  7. discothequechic says:

    Hmm, I didn’t know that Terry R had a famous dad, let alone a model dad.


    also, how.cool.was your Bowles/Wintour moment?!

    very impressed!

    S xx

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