First post: Heroic endeavours

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Just arrived for my stamp collection, the new stamps designed by Paul Smith to commemorate the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. A collaboration with the Isle of Man Post Office, they come in a single miniature sheet for £3 or a hardback collector’s book for £50. Paul Smith’s racing cycling ambitions were thwarted by a road accident at the age of 17 that kept him hospitalised for three months. Continue reading

Tati Cotliar is Vogue’s ‘front row blogger’

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Mainstream media continues to be enthralled by the phenomenon of the ‘front row fashion blogger’. February’s UK VOGUE boasts ‘I am A Camera’, a ten-page editorial by Raymond Meier and Charlotte Pilcher starring Tati Cotliar as a fantasy front row fashion blogger prepping for the shows in a Paris hotel – Prada vroom-vroom wedges ‘n’ all. Continue reading

Advanced Style the movie

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A great video for a Sunday afternoon, this is the trailer for the Advanced Style film. Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry up and come out already…

This is a video (by Lina Plioplyte who also director the above) of the Advanced Style NYFW party, hosted by Tavi…

Shaun Samson is one of Selfridges’ Bright Young Things

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Woo hoo, Shaun Samson menswear, now available at Selfridges… If you’re down Oxford Street way, be sure to check out the Bright Young Things windows, showcasing the work of London’s best up-and-comer talent. To go with his collection, Shaun’s window has a Mexicana theme with rainbow coloured Piñata letters spelling out his name. Sweet!

Above pic: Matthew Zorpas/Filep Motwary

Buy it now: sale knits

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Following on from yesterday’s post, there’s a raft of good, knitty sale buys out there. I know our winter has been pretty mild but still, I’m all about an exciting sweater as they’re the things I wear most and there’s only so much navy merino I can take. Continue reading

Snazzy sale buys and new-in

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Oh man, there is so much good stuff still in the sales including lots of classics (hello Chloe bag), twisted classics (I see ya Moschino jacket) and statement accessories. There’s also some excellent knitwear which I’m saving for a separate post. Meanwhile, the Spring and Pre new-ins just keep on coming, in particular I’ve noticed some really exciting jewellery coming through. Continue reading

Quote of the day

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“Even before I started the brand, I knocked on Versace’s door. I called him up and was like, ‘I’m in Italy, can I show up for a meeting?’ And they were like, ‘Um who are you? No we don’t work like that,’ and I said, Well I just went to Prada and I’m here,’ and eventually they were like, ‘Okay come’ and actually Brian Atwood was the accessories designer for Versace at the time, so I sat down with Brian Atwood. He was actually very nice and I showed my stuff to him and he was really impressed and they were all really supportive of what I did. You make ballsy moves all the time, but in the beginning, when there’s nothing, you really have to put your foot in the door.”
Rem D Koolhass, creative director of United Nude,

SS12 trend report: H&M

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News just in from H&M. Spring sees a revamp of its longstanding 18-28 plus size collection, with the previously named Big Is Beautiful range being rebranded as H&M+. The SS12 collection is heavy on nautical stripes, white shirts and everyday basics like this loosely tailored coat…

Continue reading

Thank yous

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Couldn’t find any thank you cards I like so I’m making my own…