Guest post: Best menswear buys from Mr DRG

Living with a fellow of rather refined tastes means I get a lot of ‘why don’t you blog about this?’ emails. So I decided to ask D do write a guest post. After much scrolling through Mr Porter et al, he has picked his favourite menswear buys below, along with a line or two of commentary. Enjoy!


New in this week

This week’s New Ins are heavy on pinks and peaches. I’m more of a grey-and-denim-with-a-side-of-khaki girl but I’m making a big effort to get over that this year and lighten up…


From the vaults: rebuffed by the Palace

Oh dear…

Beauty buy: Karma Organic lavender nail polish remover

I would love to get my hands on this Karma Organic nail polish remover. I love lavender and I hate the synthetic smell of regular nail polish removers. It also comes in tea tree and unscented versions and was recommended by Kerry Diamond on Into The Gloss. Come on Cult Beauty, get some of this stuff in!