Sunday Times Style on fashion bloggers

The Sunday Times Style feature from last weekend has been reproduced on its author Ellen Burney’s blog*, alongside the full interviews with some of her interviewees (including me). For those who asked, the scans of the piece are below (click to enlarge)… (more…)

Book now: Vintage at Southbank

As I have no trouble admitting, I don’t do festivals. Omnipresent mud, stinky toilets, itchy hair, overpriced veggie burgers, endless queues – all for the price of a week in Ibiza? No thanks. One person I know returned from Glastonbury with piles and a faceful of cold sores. How delightful. But Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage Festival promises to be a different sort of festival altogether; it’s in London for a start and on concrete. (more…)

Swatch launches Dots and Checks Collection

Swatch is doing such great things at the moment, it’s no wonder net profits rose 42% last year. New for summer (and just ahead of autumn’s polka dot explosion) is the Swatch Dots and Checks Collection. (more…)