Olympia le Tan for Jalouse

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What a great cover of Edie Campbell in an Olympia Le Tan embroidered and appilqued denim jacket for Jalouse. Watch the cute video snippet here…

Teaser Jalouse Rocks Paris 2011 from Jalouse blog on Vimeo.

[Main image: www.olympialetan.tumblr.com]

Quote of the day

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“I started putting girls in men’s clothes. Yves Saint Laurent had just produced the tuxedo, but who could afford Yves Saint Laurent? So I went to Moss Brothers, where they had a great second-hand department. It didn’t have to fit, just put a gold belt around it and then wear high heels.”
The inimitable Godmother of Styling, Caroline Baker on styling the 70s*, 10 Magazine

*It all sounds very French Vogue…

The Fashion Illustration Gallery launches ecommerce site

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The Fashion Illustration Gallery has launched its ecommerce site selling these quite wonderful (and reasonably-priced) works of art. As well as one-off illustrations and prints, there are rare vintage magazines featuring the brushstrokes of some of my favourite illustrators including Andy Warhol (above), Richard Bernstein and Christian Berard. Continue reading

Awesome people hanging out with Michael Jackson

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My favourite Michael Jackson pics from Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Woody Allen and Michael Jackson

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AW11 press day highlights part 7

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Weeks have passed since press days began (they’re just finishing now…) but I’m still resizing and uploading photos. Here’s a few of my faves…

Demo of the new Chanel Confidential site with Lisa Eldridge

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Nathalie Rich-Fernandez for Laurence Dacade

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Day one of my Browns/Club Monaco styling extravaganza ended with me sneaking off next door to the Laurence Dacade press preview. On show were these show-stopping shoes, a special project of twelve* one-off, handpainted shoes by artist-photographer Nathalie Rich-Fernandez (left) in collaboration with Dacade. Continue reading

Lakis and Aris Ionas: In Lust We Trust

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I’m researching embroidery… Isn’t this nice?

In Lust We Trust embroidery on canvas by Lakis and Aris Ionas (via 10 Magazine)

IOMIO’s monogrammed tote

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My love for a classic tote is well documented, as is my penchant for a bit of monogramming. US site IOMIO has married the two with its perfectly-proportioned navy leather tote. Check it out on US Elle’s managing editor, Kat Thomsen…

Main image : http://tumblr.elle.com/

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