Press preview: Tracey Emin at The Hayward Gallery

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Here’s some friendly advice. if you’re planning on visiting Tracey Emin: Love Is What You Want at The Hayward, go twice. There’s a lot to take in, and none of it’s skippable, so either factor in a good three hours or split it into two visits. Continue reading

Topshop’s Secret Store

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Topshop has taken its designer collaborations to the next level by commissioning smaller runs of unique pieces from its favourite directional designers and housing them in their own ‘secret store‘. Continue reading

What Moleskine did next

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Moleskine is for the Paperchase addict who grew up but never stopped loving stationery. Along with the library-leisure trend, the current stationery obsession is another parallel to the digital revolution. Technology freaks like paper too! Moleskine has been slowly building its empire with expensive beautiful, no-frills products. Here are some of my favourites:

Clip-on pens and pencils

Bigger A4 hardback notebooks and sketchbooks

iPad cases. These are great as you can position your notepad on the left or right, depending on whether you’re left or right-handed. I spotted one first in a meeting with the unstoppable Chris Morton from and have been looking out for them ever since (only compatible with first generation iPads though).

More Moleskine stationery porn here.

Olympia Le Tan LOLITA clutch books…

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… are fast selling out. Only three left here.

(Image: The Olympia Press)

VIDEO: Grease + Lego = Genius!

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Sad to hear that Jeff Conaway has died at the age of 60. For me he will always be Kenickie in Grease (AKA my all time favourite film). I did a bit of searching on Youtube and came across this excellent stop-motion LEGO animation. Sheer brilliance …

Club Monaco x Browns Blogger Style Series part 2

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More fashiony fun was had at Browns on Saturday. Most of my pictures are unfit for publication but here’s a few…

Continue reading

Kenzo macaron handbags? Oh my!

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What is it about bloggers and macarons? Any opportunity to publish a rainbow of French delicacies and it just can’t be passed up. Actually I’m no different, so please indulge me with these colourful confections. And don’t miss Antonio Marras’s witty-pretty Macaron handbags for Kenzo… Continue reading

quote of the day

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“I wanted to be everything, all at once. I wanted to be a baseball player, I wanted to be a basketball player, I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be a dancer. And I think my whole life has been… actually, I wanted to be Batman!”
Ralph Lauren, Oprah

Club Monaco x Browns Blogger Style Series: Part 1

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A few pictures from yesterday’s Club Monaco event at Browns (um, yeah, that’s just me and Mrs B hangin’ out)… Continue reading

Coca Cola: From the archives

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The Coca Cola online archive, celebrating the brand’s 125 year anniversary is quite something. A virtual tour of the archive, you can stop and take a close look at whatever packaging, signing or novelty items tickle your fancy and can even click on certain items to get the full story, read comments and add your own. Continue reading