AW11 press day highlights part 6: McQ by Alexander McQueen

The McQ AW11 collection is being produced in-house for the first time since PPR took back control of the brand from the licencee. It looks like McQ is going to stick to a signature, punk-flavoured ‘London’ look, referencing key youth culture themes – tartan, denim, kilts, schoolgirl blazers. The quality is great and I was told that the price would be slightly more accesible than previous collections.

These jackets are special customised pieces ‘mainly for press’. I’m not entirely sure whether that means they won’t go into production or whether they’re to order only…

AW11 press day highlights part 5

JW Anderson’s fluffy mohairs and transformer skirts. The jumper round the waist is actually stitched to this skirt and there are paisley silk trousers with skirts on top that are detachable. Very versatile for mixing and matching