Designers on the verge of a nervous breakdown

On the same day that Channel 4 screened its documentary ‘McQueen & I’, a window into the relationship between Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen and a commentary on the pressures of influential fashion designers, news   (more…)

Quote of the day

” I was sending an e-mail to Kim Gordon one night. Well, 53 minutes into this very, very short e-mail — because it took me that long to hunt and peck all the letters out — it was gone. So I just picked up the phone and called her, and I don’t think I’ve sent an e-mail since. ”
Marc Jacobs, Index magazine, 2001

Smash Hits: blast from the past

Smash Hits, December 25. 1980 - p.01

When Brian McCloskey visited his parents in Ireland the year before last, he boxed up his decades-old collection of Smash Hits magazines and shipped it back to California without having much of a plan in mind. Then he decided to scan every issue, upload onto a blog (more…)