Hello boys!

Menswear shoppers! Have you signed up to Mr Porter yet? The much anticipated menswear site opens next month and early signer-uppers get the fancy accolade of being ‘founder members’. Benefits for founder members include exclusive access to the site before it launches to the public, free shipping on all purchases made during this period, seasonal previews and exclusives aaaand access to the personal shopping team. You can sign up as a founder member here.

Tuxedo dressing for pre-fall 2011

Alex Wang (can we call him Alex?) is really going for it with the Helmut Lang influences don’t you think? Not that I mind, I’m quite digging this wider-legged boy-fit tuxedo from pre-fall 2011 complete with superfine white poloneck…

That said I also love Jason Wu’s more elegant take on the tux with the shiny peg pants and sheer blouse. Very Betty Catroux, no? But isn’t that bow-tie/scarf rather reminiscent of Lanvin-for-H&M?

Polaroid’s Lady Gaga camera-glasses and other stories

Wowsa, Polaroid and Lady Gaga finally unveiled not one but three products from their collaboration. For me the sunglasses that display photos are a bit gimmicky and sound like they probably cost a bomb. The Polaroid printer is more appealing – it’s lightweight and portable and you can send images straight from your phone to it via Bluetooth (although it’s not iPhone compatible due to Apple issues). The new generation Polaroid camera looks and sounds like a total winner. It’s nicely weighty and better looking than its plasticky predecessor and can also take digital photos.




I didn’t watch the whole presentation so I don’t know anything about prices or availability yet but I think Gaga did a brilliant job with the presentation. See for yourself here.

Studio 54: yada yada yada

This spring-summer, fashion is all about channelling the hedonistic days (and nights) of Studio 54 as reimagined by Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and the entire UK high street – probably. One part of me thinks yaaaawn, what again? But another part thinks YAAAAY! The latter part is loving these evocative images* which I just nabbed from Retrovintagemodstyle. Now, I think I can see why people who were there (yes you Marc) keep harking back. Bungalow 8 isn’t quite the same is it?

*please look at Michael Jackson – so adorable

[Images: Retrovintagemodstyle]

Disneyrollergirl on Facebook

A lot of people have been emailing me asking if I have a Facebook page. Naaaaahhh, I totally made that up. For ages I have been meaning to make a Facebook page but I put it off because I thought it would be a right royal rigmarole. Well guess what, it was a piece of cake! So please check out the Disneyrollergirl Facebook page and ‘like’ it if you want all my posts in your Facebook feed (v handy if you’re not a blogger and like to get all your social media fun in one place) along with extra exclusive titbits that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

Also, if you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to follow me – FYI because ‘Disneyrollergirl’ is too long to fit, I had to shorten it to @Disneyrollrgirl but I’m very active on Twitter so it’s a good place to get as-it-happens fashion news before it reaches the blog. Enjoy!

Girls on wheels #3

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Lady Gaga x Polaroid: It’s time

Last year there was much excitement at the news that Lady Gaga was collaborating with Polaroid. What would they create? Clothes? Cameras? Music? Well, the wait is nearly over and the results of ‘Grey Label’ will be unveiled on Thursday.

At 3.30pm PT, Gaga fans can watch the launch live from the Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas on Polaroid.com where the countdown has already started…

Source: MTV