DIARISE! Disneyrollergirl and Robin Derrick Q&A

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Crikey this is turning out to be rather a busy week. As if outing myself and redesigning the blog isn’t occupying enough headspace, there’s also the small matter of the Q&A I’m doing with Robin Derrick, creative director of Vogue, at the Covent Garden Apple store this Thursday…

FYI: The Q&A starts at 630pm and will go on for about an hour – no need to book but it’s probably a good idea to get there early. See you there!

Who is Disneyrollergirl?

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The beginnning
Almost four years ago I started a blog. Working as a fashion editor by day and doing extra freelance writing by night, I still didn’t feel I had the opportunity to say what I wanted to say. On a mainstream magazine, fashion is about visuals, the few words you may write are headlines or rehashed press releases disguised as ‘news pages’. Yet beyond the obvious trend reports and new product launches, there’s a whole world of fashion that the average person doesn’t get to see. I decided to blog about it.

The middle
I didn’t set out to be an anonymous blogger but the fact that no-one was reading the blog and I hadn’t told anyone I was doing it meant I could quite easily write about anything and everything blissfully undetected. I would blog about press days, fashion shows and industry gossip quite hidden behind the veil of Disneyrollergirl. But as I started to enjoy blogging and engaging with other bloggers, it became harder to hide. At the same time, the teen magazine I worked on folded and I went freelance. I could blog even more as my hours were more flexible and the work more varied. The blog attracted some regular readers and PRs started to invite a few bloggers to their press events. Most of the time I was able to attend these press events as the real ‘me’ and still cover them on the blog.

Then something happened. Practically overnight, the fashion industry fell in love with blogging. Everybody wanted to engage with bloggers and invite them to their bloggers’ breakfasts, lunches and teas. Having quite enjoyed being invisible up until this point, suddenly the novelty of managing two identities wore off and I chose to out myself to a couple of PRs. As expected, one PR told another, who told another and soon the identity of ‘Disneyrollergirl’ was an open secret in the industry.

The end of part one
At the same time, I realised that blogging was developing into something bigger. In the journalism world, content and commerce were merging as online publications also became shopping sites and fashion etailers upped the quality (and frequency) of their fashion content. Bloggers were being courted and consulted by brands and some even had their own Youtube channels. I made the decision to redesign the blog to incorporate some more features and as the blog reaches its fourth anniversary, the new look Disneyrollergirl is almost ready to be unveiled (but alas, not quite). The blog content will continue as it always has done but of course, I can’t stay anonymous any longer!

So thanks for reading this far, I hope you’ll stay for part two…

Navaz x

Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

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Last week I was invited to a press preview of VIDAL SASSOON: THE MOVIEand what a cinematic treat it was. Sassoon himself tells the poignant story of his journey from a London orphanage to celebrity superstardom in LA with the help of an anecdote or two from the likes of Grace Coddington, Mary Quant, Christiaan and Guido Palau. My favourite quote came from Mary Quant: “You cut hair how we cut cloth, you cut it on the cross.”The film itself is beautifully shot (by director Craig Teper) and designed (by Steve Hiett) and the archive footage is priceless – watch out for some of the 1970s ads and the scene where Sassoon cuts Mia Farrow’s hair live on the set of Rosemary’s Baby. It’s also very human and Sassoon’s charm and passion come across in spades as does his personal style (I noticed he has a bit of a scarf thing going on). VIDAL SASSOON: THE MOVIE will be released in the UK mid-May but you can see the trailer below. Catch it if you can…

Crafted creatures

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When fine jewellers do wacky things with their jewels I find it totally adorable. Solange Azagury-Partridge has created this collection of hand carved animal rings to celebrate Chinese New Year. Aren’t they wild?

A nice bit of skirt

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Just in at Netaporter.com – the neon skirts that wowed us all at Jil Sander. And don’t forget the happy-clappy shoppers…

Neon pink side split skirt, £580, Jil Sander at Netaporter.com

Fuchsia leather shopping bag, £580, Jil Sander at Netaporter.com

Yellow leather shopping bag, £580, Jil Sander at Netaporter.com. These bags have two top handles but also have a detachable shoulder strap to make them more versatile – just the thing for the weekly shop, no?

Thakoon.com and the future of fashion etail

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When I met Jasper Conran prior to his last London Fashion Week show, I was taken aback by his business savvy and in particular his plans for the Jasper Conran website and blog. In contrast to the likes of Alber Elbaz (who “sees internets every morning” but Continue reading

Thakoon.com and the future of fashion etail

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When I met Jasper Conran prior to his last London Fashion Week show, I was taken aback by his business savvy and in particular his plans for the Jasper Conran website and blog. In contrast to the likes of Alber Elbaz (who “sees internets every morning” but doesn’t have an email address) Conran has grasped that in fashion 3.0, designers and brands need to properly engage with their customers, often in real time, and offer them a deeper connection to the essence of what they’re all about. Conran spoke of plans to make Jasperconran.com a ‘living archive’, while newer designers like J.W. Anderson and David Szeto also get – and enjoy – the new desire for real-time updates and behind the curtain insights through blogs, tweets and even video content.

Next month, Thakoon relaunches Thakoon.com and it looks like a blueprint for the future of fashion etail websites. According to the press release, we can expect “a voyeuristic glimpse into the mind of Thakoon, a designer fascinated by art, imagery and the creative process. The site will feature a social media landing page allowing fans a way to instantly connect to the brand’s Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter pages all in one area… Each medium will be heavily imagery-based, focusing on those people, places and things that inspire Thakoon’s signature design aesthetic.”

Not only that, but fly on the wall ‘webisodes’ will follow Thakoon, documenting his design processes and creative decision-making. Clearly, times are changing and the days when designers shut themselves away in their ateliers and let the art speak for itself is over. Customers want to meet the designers, get to know them and have a dialogue with them. Ecommerce sites need engaging content to keep customers returning (hence the growth of ‘edvertorial‘ but that’s another blog post). I’ll be keeping a close eye on Thakoon.com – launching on 13th February with the live streaming of his NYFW show – as I hope it lives up to my expectations. Watch this space…

Givenchy’s killer couture in Twitpics

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Channelling Japanese Transformer toys, Riccardo Tissci’s couture collection for Givenchy was a tribute to dancer Kazuo Ohno and featured breathtaking winglike applique, a palette of ecru sliced with elegant neon highlights (“inspired by dried flowers”) and more killer headwear by Philip Treacy.

My favourite Twitpics below (double click to enlarge):

[Twitpics from Twitter, @vmagazine, @johnsecret, @Jessicamichault, @annadellorusso]

UFO alert! Flying saucers spotted at Armani Prive

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My couture highlight so far? Philip Treacy for Armani Prive’s delectable flying saucer hats – sharp, sculptural and super-shiny. Nice one Phil…

Vintage Calvin

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