Military nails

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Everyone’s hyping Chanel’s camo nails it seems (which launch at Fashion Night Out next week) but I’m not ready to go the whole ten-fingered hog of khaki and beige. I prefer the idea of a handful of khaki or grey and the other hand a rich, bloody red – my favourite military combination – inspired by a page in Harper’s Bazaar.

Nails can be long or short and the beauty of this colour scheme is that it’s wonderfully versatile and will work with all neutral outfits including denim, black, grey, khaki, camel and, of course red.
This also chimes in with the happy news that Revlon is reviving its iconic red, Fire & Ice. Try this with Barry M’s grey nail paint, a good, flat grey with no sparkles.


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Acne mohair sweater (above), €198,

Library corner: The Faces of Fashion: Vogue Model

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Vogue is launching a new book about models. Which I am looking forward to (it’a an A-Z on models past and present with Q & As and tons of pics – OMG) and it also gives me the opportunity to share one of my favourite model pics ever. Emma Balfour by David Sims. From W magazine think. I would love to buy a print of this…*

The Faces of Fashion: Vogue Model by Robin Derrick and Robin Muir, £45, from Oct 7th.

*Apologies for the crude cropping, it’s the only example of this pic I could find

Quote of the day

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“I am consistent. My outward appearance goes with my inward feelings. My spirit is timeless; my age doesn’t matter. It’s a reflection of my mood.”
Patricia Fox

Oh how I love this short article by Lynn Yaeger in the New York Times on fashion renegades

Menswear, womenswear and the fine dividing line

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I have written about the blurring of boundaries in menswear and womenswear before. Not being a curvy girl, I tend to prefer the cut and style of menswear – unfussy details, minimal surface decoration, utilitarian fabrics and military shapes are all what I gravitate towards. (I then get my girly kicks from Margiela dog-shaped handbags and mimsy charm jewels).

I’m noticing bolder steps being take with the unisexualisation of fashion. In the same week, I’ve been alerted to the new Pringle campaign (thanks 00o00) and the LN-CC (Late Night Chameleon Cafe) concept store.

Pringle has used Tilda Swinton to front both its womenswear and menswear campaigns for AW10. If anyone can rock a mens suit it’s definitely Tilda so there’s no denying she looks wonderful in the clothes, but would a man want to buy them? Pringle has already shown itself to be an innovative brand by utilising both Swinton and art-photographer Ryan McGinley in its campaigns. This latest experiment with androgyny suggests Pringle is yet again giving us something to think about and discuss.

This week has also seen the PR campaign wheels turning for concept store LN-CC. Launching its East London space in October, the store will be a mixed bag of fashion, music and *licks lips* art books curated by book dealer Conor Donlon. Co owner John Skelton told Dazed Digital, “LN-CC was created just to please ourselves. We have been looking to progress and develop our feeling and concept for such a long time so this just felt like the natural thing to do. The concept is not just focused around a store, it’s more an overall feeling and lifestyle that we live and wanted to share with anyone who might be interested. This feeling has been spread over a number of different platforms from our product and e-commerce through to parties, exhibitions and installations.”

I love that they are thinking beyond product and making the retail experience more of an event. But I’m also loving that LN-CC will stock clothes based around a concept of unisex styling. As well as menswear lines from Rick Owens, Sasquatch and Unused, there will be forays into womenswear by menswear designers who scale down their ranges exclusively for LN-CC. As Skelton says, “I really wanted to offer the more turned on girls something in our more masculine flavour as opposed to the high heels and handbags that seem to dominate the premium end of womenswear.”

While the physical store doesn’t open for a couple of months, its online arm will launch later this month. I’ll report back…

Furry clog boots – yay or nay?

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Top to bottom:

Pied a Terre
River Island

Cape-jacket watch #1

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The problem with capes is they’re going to be so ubiquitous this coming season that not looking like a victim may pose quite the challenge. Cape-jackets on the other hand (ie, wearing your jacket as a cape) are less of a risk. The best jackets/coats to cape (yes, I have decided ‘to cape’ is a legitimate verb) are ones with structured shoulders so they don’t fall off to help give you a strong, defined silhouette. In particular, I like a boyfriend blazer, a boxy cropped jacket or a masculine coat for sitting just-so on the shoulders.

Stella McCartney boyfriend blazer, £1,175,

Acne aviator jacket, £995,

By Malene Birger blazer, £268.79

Givenchy coat, £1009.43,

Topshop camel boyfriend coat, £95

Moschino crop jacket, £1,455,

Caveat! The rest of the outfit needs consideration. Keep the bottom half slim with leggings, stove-pipe trousers, shorts-n-black-opaques, straight shift dresses and stack-heeled ankle boots. No flowy midi skirts for this look.

Over to you. How would you wear a cape-jacket? Or is the whole idea preposterous?

[Top pic: Rag & Bone aw10,]

Hair tuck watch #2

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Lee from Ohboystyle has alerted me to the tuckage of hair at the Chanel Couture. What do we give this on the tuck-o-meter? I’d give it a 4 out of 10, with points deducted for lack of fullness to the hair, fussy silhouettes in the clothing and not-high-enough necklines. Harsh?

Jaime Mon Carre – Hermes does street style

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Hermes has launches a street style site and it’s a perfect lesson in how heritage luxury brands can engage with younger consumers. Fun, informative, interactive, engaging and beautiful, J’aime Mon Carre (‘I love my scarf’) uses jolie young things to demonstrate that an Hermes scarf is a versatile piece to stamp your style on.

Strictly speaking, it’s only ‘street style’ in look, as the models have been styled by Fran Burns (although I’m sure they only needed the odd tweak). No matter, the point is that the project changes the perception of the Hermes scarf and the Hermes brand itself. I hope they develop it further.

Pics: Matt Irwin/Hermes
UPDATE 21/Aug/10
Some of the comments on Cathy Horyn’s review of Jaime Mon Carre bemoaned the lack of older people on the site. To them I say, check out these snaps I took of an Hermes window display back in April. Equally charming I think…

Hair tuck watch #1

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The cheap-chic look of the season, the hair tuck is building momentum. Seen here in the new +J by Jil Sander for Uniqlo pics, the hair is tucked into a fetching black wool jacket with popped collar. I’m still not sold on +J – I’m more a COS girl – but if I had long hair I might give this jacket a whirl. You?