Quote of the day

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“I think digital is great; I think any advancement in photography is great. But when people ask me why I don’t want to know what I’m shooting, I say I like to treat it like Christmas – sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don’t.”
Bruce Weber, A Blog Curated By

Joseph gets it right

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Joseph’s AW10 collection is coat and jacket heaven. I’m absolutely feeling Joseph’s take on military – luxe and minimalist in a khaki/black/tan palette. My favourite pieces…

Suede curly-haired avaitor jacket

Khaki cape with tan piping

Khaki wool bomber jacket with detachable curly-hair collar

Khaki double-breasted blazer

Oxblood leather trench (beat that Burberry)

Two-tone edge-to-edge coat (I’m seeing shades of vintage Lang and Sander here)

And I loved the handknit jacquard sweater. Reminiscent of the famous 80s Joseph knits, it was a fitting tribute to Joseph founder, Joseph Ettedgui who passed away earlier this month.

Quote of the day

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“Gather up your courage like an armful of free clothes at a McQueen sample sale and follow your inner voice wherever it takes you.”
Kelly Cutrone, Sunday Times Style

Charity tees? No thanks

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I’m not ashamed to say I’ve never met a charity T-shirt that I liked. Well actually, I lie, there was this Stella McCartney one for Comic Relief, on which she slapped a red nose on Herb Ritts’ already-iconic Madonna photo. But the rest, no thanks. So sue me.

Thankfully, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has taken a different approach this year and hooked up with ten fashion retailers to each create a bespoke black and white piece. The money goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and you get an item that you like, that doesn’t have a wear-by date and is thus a moneymaker for charity and sustainable too. The range launches tomorrow so if any of these tickle your fancy, feel free to shop…




Now I’m curious, does anyone still wear their charity tees?

The all-seeing eye

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PRs need to learn that if they invite me to their showrooms I’m going to snoop around.

Spotted at Puma HQ this morning – super comfy (so I’m told, they have cushioned soles ‘n’ everything) Hussein Chalayan wedge booties …

… And the funnest suit carrier thingy I’ve ever seen hiding in the sample cupboard

Also managed to swipe the latest copy of Volt mag from the PR’s desk – j’adore this cover shot

AW10 trend report: Turkish menswear… and teatime treats

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I don’t cover a huge amount of menswear in my day-to-day life but I love having a nose when I’m at press days, purely for my own personal benefit. When I came across the strangely-named Tween menswear brand at the Four Marketing press day, it rang a vague bell. After a five minute process of elimination, we worked out that it was this FT feature I’d seen it in.

The brand is based in Turkey but its creative director Gunes Güner Ikik works closely with London-based designers. For AW10, Tween has collaborated with designer Omar Kashoura on a most impressive collection – I was rather seduced by his Teddy Boy-referenced jackets and western details on the shirts. While bonding with Güner Ikik over the beautiful fabrications and execution, she let slip that a womenswear line is in the offing for 2011. As we agreed on the androgynous simplicity of Helmut Lang, Acne and Rag & Bone, I made a mental note to keep an eye out for Tween.
I swear that I don’t just go to press days for the food and fizz but can I help it if they have such generous catering? No I can not. Yesterday’s hightlight was undoubtedly the coffee and walnut cake by a company called Eat & Shoot (I Googled them but nowt came up. More investigation is needed.) So great was my enthusiasm that to shut me up, I was sent packing with a take-home portion. Well it would have been rude to refuse, right? Oink.

AW10 trend report: Melissa shoes

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Melissa’s wonderful rubber shoes just keep surpassing expectations, particularly Vivienne Westwood’s contributions. For next season, the button boots come in metallic sparkles as do these Mary Janes. I am also loving the cherries on the slingbacks – so very poptastic.

And to all those people mourning the demise of seven inch whore heels (guess who has just finished a 1000 word report on the
subject?). What are you moaning about when you have these sexy-but-user-friendly beauties to tantalise you?

Anya Hindmarch presents the Bag & Bottle

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Oh wasn’t the Anya Hindmarch press day a hoot! An unassuming Belgravia pub, The Star Tavern was highjacked by the Hindmarch clan for the entire week to showcase the aw10 collection. Not content with changing its name to The Bag & Bottle (ho ho!) the team plastered the premises from top to bottom with the Anya Hindmarch name. Most genius touch? That’ll be a toss-up between the AH branded peanut packets and the Beware of Handbag Thieves sign. They even had a special appearance from darts champion Colin ‘Jaws’ Lloyd – now you don’t get one of those at your average press day…

After tucking into a portion of scampi that was several notches above your average pub grub followed by rhubarb crumble that was worth the trip alone, I finally checked out the merch.
Remember the Anya Hindmarch for Barbour news? Well the results have been revealed. As expected, it’s Barbour with a luxe twist. There are some very lovely quilted coats and jackets with the Hindmarch curved collar – super feminine while retaining their practicality. There are also coats based on the trad waxed variety with detachable fur collars and cuffs. (Please don’t let’s have a fur debate here. Thank you.) Anya loves to think on a practical level – I swear she must be a Virgo – so inside these waxed coats you will find pockets embroidered with ‘lipstick’, ‘dog and bone’ (AKA ‘phone’) and ‘coins’, and get this, the coins pocket is actually a wee detachable velvet purse. Brilliant!

Amongst all the dozens of boxy, ladylike bags in all sorts of leather, ponyskin and animal-print, I zoned in on the nylon pouches of which there is one for every type of function. Heaven for a storage freak like me…

Back to the Bag & Bottle. The pub is actually available for bookings for lunch and dinner all the way through til Friday. I can’t guarantee you’ll see Anya herself throwing darts with Mr Lloyd, but you can enjoy a game of AH dominos with your pint and pork scratchings.

OMG I need this!

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I rarely do ‘OMG I Need This In My Life!’ posts but there have to be exceptions. So without further ado, OMGINTIML…

This dress (is it a dress and jacket? Or a dress-jacket combo? Who knows) is by Markus Lupfer, is just about to drop at Feathers and is perfect on so many counts. It has Breton stripes but it’s not a Breton top. Not that there’s anything wrong with Breton tops, I just bought two more Petit Bateaus yesterday. What? It’s spring, it’s the law… It’s also a short dress without being mini-mini. Would look good with a grey marl tight and a black stack-heeled knee-length boot, no? The shoulders are structured without being trophy-structured and the sleeves, oh the sleeves! I have a thing about a too-short sleeve, I just love it when you see that bit of wrist bone (is that weird?). What do we call this – watch-length? Anyway, you get the point, I’m mad about the sleeves. And finally the pockets. A dress without pockets is a waste of fabric, time, money and effort. I’m not a dress person but I love a pocket dress. I love this pocket dress. OMGINTIML. That is all.

Anthropologie King’s Road (SPOILER ALERT)- first look

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Ahhhh, I’m in retail heaven this week. Today saw the launch of the Harvey Nichols Hub and tomorrow sees the opening of Anthropologie in the King’s Road (why is it called thee King’s Road?). Being Miss ‘I was there first’, I have had a preview and I can tell you it is just as awe-inspiring as any other Anthropologie store. Pictures speak louder than words so here goes:

Before it was Anthropologie, the building was home to Antiquarius, a well-loved but ultimately past-its best warren of fusty antique dealers (and there has been quite the furore over the Anthro takeover). But before that, the building was a gentlemen’s club. This area is a tribute to the ‘library’ area of the former premises…

♥♥♥Love the pattern clash and these funny little typewritten postcards dotted around ♥♥♥

I have to admit the homesy merchandise appeals to me more than the fashion buy…

Monogrammed faux pockets stitched to the wall
Natty nautical sailor-esque top. Mmmmm
Ooh, an Elizabeth Lau dress!

Yay for African print skorts!
The book buy at Athro is exceptional…

Oil paintings and pampering products

Canape-watch: Goats cheese, honey and pine-nut tarts!
Canape-watch: Quails eggs!

The store opens to the public tomorrow. Next door is a space that Anthropologie will rent out to various cafes on a pop-up basic, starting with a tea specialist (apparently – it wasn’t ready when I was there). Inside there is also a gallery space that will host 6-week selling exhibitions curated by Anthroplogie’s Keith Johnson. As I’ve said before, what I love most about Anthropologie is the lovingly attended merchandising of the product. The bazaar-like experience of discovering things in the store and the juxtaposition between ultra-expensive antiques, handmade one-offs and £2 soaps is a key part of the Anthro high-low experience. (I had been to a press day earlier at Few & Far and admire the similar high-low bazaar mix there too.) But if you can’t get to the store or you just want to get your hands on the product then guess what, Anthropologie’s UK etail site launches tomorrow too. Let’s shop!