Happy New Year!

It’s been lovely getting to know everyone in 2009. Here’s to more fun and fashion in 2010…

Hello sailor

2010 is mere hours away which means in fashion terms I’m thinking about spring – AKA all things nautical. Now that the Breton has gone bananas, I’m thinking about sending my stripes on sabatical* in lieu of something with a touch more whimsy. I’m feeling sailor collars. I found a lovely little tie-on collar a few weeks ago at The Cloth House in Berwick Street – one of the staff makes them and sells them for about £18.

The only problem with sailor collars is they’re not very throw-on-and-go. If you wear one on a top, a dress or as a piece in its own right, you can forget about trying to put a cardi, coat or jacket on top – it’s too much of a faff. Keep those for summer and focus on jackets and coats for now. This Topshop one is proving particularly popular.

*who am I kidding? Those stripes are going nowhere… Here’s some Breton candy as well…

[Pics – from various websites. If you spot your pic please let me know and I’ll credit you.]

Space Oddity

Did anyone else watch Monday night’s spectacular space documentary For All Mankind on BBC4? The 1989 documentary told the story of Apollo 11 and showed some breathtaking footage of the lunar landing. I find myself inexplicably fascinated by imagery of space and astronauts, especially photography. 2009 is (was?) the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings and the occasion was commemorated with the book Spacesuits: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Collection.

The sad thing is that despite their phenomenal technical properties (some were made to withstand heat of 275 degrees farenheit), the suits are surprisingly fragile. They were made for a short life span in extreme conditions and now lie draped in muslin to preserve what’s left of them.


I know it’s freezing but please, have some decorum. Say no to Uggs and yes to these little lovelies from F-Troupe….