Betting on the boots

The London fash pack stomp into town tomorrow and the burning question already is, which Gap boots will they be wearing? Will it be the biker boots from AW07, the ankle boots from AW08, the suede boots from AW09 or a medley of all three?

Place your bets now…

Lara Bohinc launches shoes

I love that these designs are special but somewhat classic. Each shoe has a lovely straight 11cm heel and there’s not one of those ghastly platform soles in sight. The range is exclusive to Harvey Nichols.

In celebration of senior style

While everyone is raving about fashion blogs and teen blogs, I’ve been getting interested in blogs that explore ‘senior style’. As usual, the Americans are streets ahead of us in this blog category. The Sartorialist frequently posts pictures of dapper gents while I’ve recently discovered Advanced Style which is a kind of street-style blog for golden oldies and has charming narratives to accompany the pictures. The blog owner, Ari Cohen works in the bookshop at the New Museum in NYC and is friends with model and actress Mimi Weddell, a true fashion original who is still going strong at the age of 95.

My friend ‘A’ managed to style spot none other than Julie Christie for her blog, That’s Not My Age, although criminally, she didn’t realise it was the Julie Christie when she spotted her. “I just thought she looked cool,” she admitted in the sheepish tone of one who realises the error of her ways. Hmmm, nil points.

This celebration of style for fashion lovers of a certain age is part of a bigger shift going on in fashion. This year has seen the successful relaunch of Whistles which has achieved its goal of producing trend-focussed fashion for grown-up women at an affordable price-point. Ditto the wonderful COS which is ageless dressing personified.

Last week I previewed YLB for Wallis, a collection designed by Yasmin le Bon aimed at the over-thirties of which the highlights were the high-neck silky dresses and blouses. Long-sleeve dresses seem to be something of an ongoing trend this year which is good news for not-young fashionistas. I don’t have an issue with my arms but lots of women do. YLB’s long-sleeve cocktail dresses and tops are flatteringly cut and some have peekaboo slits for an occasional flash of skin.

Meanwhile, launching on 30th September is GIVe, the new collection from George Davies whose previous successes include Next, George at Asda and Per Una. I admit, I have never *got* Per Una – too much fussy detailing and patchwork for my taste but it sells in spades so what do I know? I will be watching GIVe like a hawk to see if it can be added to my select list of High Street Brands That I Would Actually Buy.

Until then, I leave you with this picture of 52 year old Ines de la Fressange from last week’s The Selby. Now if she isn’t the poster-girl for elegance at any age, I don’t know who is.

[PICS – top to bottom:
Advanced Style
The Selby]

Fashion Week Twittequette

London Fashion Week is a mere three days away and panic is rising amongst London’s style seekers. What will we wear? How will we get everything done? Why are all the parties on the same night? And what colour sticker does one use to upgrade a Christopher Kane standing ticket to seated? So many unanswered questions!

This is the first season that Twitter is going to be in full effect at LFW and I have already seen it in action for NYFW. Information overload anyone? More to the point, if you’re tweeting during a show/party/presentation, you’re really not fully engaged in the proceedings. It’s a bit like holding up a phone at a U2 gig, no? Clearly it’s a sign of the times when documenting an event has become more important than experiencing it. So, if anyone sees me tweeting during a show, please slap me, unless someone like, dies on the catwalk…

Quote of the day

“I could do without doing hair in a toilet corridor or in Hoxton Square in the rain. London will probably never shake that thing of having 17 models and only 11 pairs of shoes. But that’s part of its charm. “
Sam McKnight, Vogue

OMG! It’s raining pretty publications!

It’s so nice to see some genuinely creative how-to fashion books being published. I’ve already blogged about Like I Give A Frock by Michi (above and below) which isn’t really a how-to book but is very pretty and an entertaining read.

Natalie Bloom (of the Bloom beauty product empire) has published Beauty in Bloom, a gently-illustrated ode to all thing beautiful and beauty-related to appeal to those (like me) who can’t get enough of foundation splodges and lipstick scribbles.

Somehow the latest offering from Gisele Scanlon escaped my attention when it came out so I need to do some catching up. Scanlon’s Goddess Guide was an instant bestseller and the follow-up, The Goddess Experience, offers more illustration and collagy fun alongside her in-the-know tips and discoveries.
More sartorial sketches are to be admired in the form of My Wonderful World of Fashion, a colouring book with a difference from illustrator Nina Chakrabarti. As well as sketches of Vivienne Westwood shoes to be coloured in by all ages of fashionistas, there are also how-to-make-a-sari tutorials and did-you-know fashion history lessons.

*Sigh*…who needs Colleen et al when you can have all this?


Ah! I wondered when this was happening…

“To celebrate the launch of The Sartorialist book, Scott Schuman will be curating a stand alone space, β€˜Sartorialust’, within the Menswear department in Liberty. The space will consist of various pastiches representing the many passions of the Sartorialist. Visitors will see how rather than being literal they can take inspiration from the sartorially eloquent and adapt it into their own repertoire.”