Acne outlet

Not sure why sale stuff seems more appealing when it has its own website but…somehow it does. Acne is the latest brand to follow in the footsteps of Netaporter/The Outnet and ASOS/ASOS Red

Acne’s site, Acne Outlet currently has Pop Chinos at half price, leather bombers at £275 (very Neneh Cherry circa 1988) and a perfect merino knit at £60. Almost better than Cos, no?

Pop-up poster art

Silly me. South Kensington is really not the place to go during half term unless you enjoy jostling with 100 pushchairs and twice as many toddlers, not to mention a brace of frazzled parents and the odd bedazzled tourist – all going far too slowly through the ticket barriers of South Ken station. No matter, I soldiered on to the V&A as the Stephen Jones hats exhibition ends on Sunday and I wanted to get one last look. (If you haven’t been yet, go now but be warned, it WILL be jam packed.)

The best bit was passing a pop-up gallery en route to Cromwell Road. A display of American and Swiss poster art is on show until 20th June at 1-5 Exhibition Road, SW7, including some Lichtenstein stunners, a couple of Frank Stellas and a Jasper Johns, plus er, lots of free Toblerone chocs. ‘I’ll come back tomorrow,’ I told myself but something tugged me in. And just as well, as in the process of appreciating the art, I managed to wangle myself an invitation to a Swatch cheese-n-wine soiree a few hours later. Bingo! 

Check out these rare 1991 surreal Swatches that were on display…

And the pop-tastic posters…