London Fashion Week AW09/10: Who’s wearing what – the photographers

Bringin’ down the house

Menswear took over the last day of fashion week and gave it a whole different spin. For starters, there was a different crowd, none of the tension of the womenswear press/buyers, just a jolly bunch of laid-back dudes (and the menswear market being smaller meant there was less of a battle for seats). Fashion East took over a house around the corner from the main event showing a film by Sibling (three knitwear fanatics who between them have worked with Giles, Markus Lupfer and Bella Freud. Highlight: the great oversized twinsets) and installations by Katie Eary (fantastic collection inspired by Animal Farm), Jaiden rVs James (‘exploring the dark side of the human psyche’ – who knew these clean-cut boys had it in them?) and Martine Rose (loved her puffa-collared shirt)…





London Fashion Week AW09/10: Carolyn Massey

Tailoring, loafers, patent, epaulettes, bow-tie, chinos, army trench, neckerchief, cape, cape-jacket

London Fashion Week AW09/10: MAN – Topman

Backpacks, tailoring, cardigans, 50s London, tweed, wool puffa, brown in town, parkas, slim trousers, smart plaid