London Fashion Week AW09/10: Who’s wearing what – the photographers

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Bringin’ down the house

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Menswear took over the last day of fashion week and gave it a whole different spin. For starters, there was a different crowd, none of the tension of the womenswear press/buyers, just a jolly bunch of laid-back dudes (and the menswear market being smaller meant there was less of a battle for seats). Fashion East took over a house around the corner from the main event showing a film by Sibling (three knitwear fanatics who between them have worked with Giles, Markus Lupfer and Bella Freud. Highlight: the great oversized twinsets) and installations by Katie Eary (fantastic collection inspired by Animal Farm), Jaiden rVs James (‘exploring the dark side of the human psyche’ – who knew these clean-cut boys had it in them?) and Martine Rose (loved her puffa-collared shirt)…





London Fashion Week AW09/10: Carolyn Massey

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Tailoring, loafers, patent, epaulettes, bow-tie, chinos, army trench, neckerchief, cape, cape-jacket

London Fashion Week AW09/10: MAN – Topman

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Backpacks, tailoring, cardigans, 50s London, tweed, wool puffa, brown in town, parkas, slim trousers, smart plaid

London Fashion Week AW09/10: MAN – Christopher Shannon

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Colour banding, backpack, silver, pink, graphic, Neil Tannant in front row, Philip Green in front of me, Jefferson and Erin O’Connor gossiping, fab music!

London Fashion Week AW09/10: MAN – JW Anderson

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Satin tracksuits, tweed, Aran hats, lounge slippers!, jodhpur boots, furry MA1, the obligatory skirt, dressing gown coats, man-body, tromp loeil, fun!

London Fashion week AW09/10: who’s wearing what – day 6, the mens shows

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Varsity jackets, skinny lapel blazers, tweed, shirts and ties, brogues, boating shoes, handknit sweaters, fur collars, backpacks

House of Holland: the dongle

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This just appeared in my inbox:

Dear Disneyrollergirl,

If you want to get the latest House of Holland look – as seen on Pixie Geldof at the front row of his Autumn/Winter 2009 show – but are on a budget, then look no further than the exclusive limited edition House of Holland O2 Mobile Broadband dongle*. Referencing his collection, the dongle is decorated with polka dots and emblazoned with the House of Holland logo. Checking your email or surfing the web on the go has never been more fashionable! “Henry Holland is one of the most exciting designers in London and the perfect partner to help us add some style to our mobile broadband offering. Our customers have been telling us that they continually crave individuality and this delivers stand-out, personalisation and a bit of fun” said Peter Rampling, O2’s Marketing Director.

I expect we’re going to see even more hook-ups of this type as fashion companies seek funds from wherever they can find them. Is it wrong that I’d like the dongle much more if it came without the humungous logo?

(PS, the dongle will be available from 27 February 2009 at O2 stores and from

*UPDATE: For those who don’t know, this is a dongle. Susie Bubble had to explain it to me but I still don’t quite understand (sorry Susie). Why it is called a dongle, I really do not know.

Crash! Bang! Wallop!

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It was all going so well. I nabbed a front row seat at Meadham Kirchhoff (no ticket but ran in looking harrassed, folder in hand, just as the show was starting – always works a treat) and alternated between ogling the models’ jewelled Manolos and Kate Lanphear’s gold Dior boots. Show finished, we started traipsing out and then…Crash! What was that noise? Only a V V VIP high up at the British Fashion Council, toppling theatrically from her vertiginous heels in full view of everyone. OMG, we didn’t know where to look! What does one do? Ignore it to protect her dignity? Laugh? Help her up? Seems like the trend for taking a tumble is already picking up speed and filtering down to the masses. Who will be next?

Eye candy

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Kate Lanphear’s gold Dior Homme boots…