Having just spent an afternoon at a fashiony kids tea party I managed to grill my Topshop spy on what we should expect from the forthcoming Unique collection at London Fashion Week. All I could get out of her was “Outer Space”. And Katie Grand is styling the show again. Over to Mulberry designer, Emma Hill. “Hey Emma! Fancy giving me a hint of what we can expect for AW09?” “No chance, love.” Spoilsport.

Award season

Sick of awards yet? Me neither. I saw Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road yesterday and although she and Leo certainly acted their socks off (and the movie was beautifully styled), the film was so heavy going, I couldn’t wait for it to end. Slumdog Millionaire on the other hand was a real treat, especially -spoiler alert – the Bollywood dancing at the end!

Anyway, I digress. I have been awarded the ‘Your Blog is Fabulous!’ award by both Pretty Face and Make Do Style. How cool! Both of those are among my regular reads and I’m supposed to tag 10 other blogs but I love all my blogs equally…so consider yourselves fabulous.


New APC/Nike mash-up. To be honest it just looks like a clean classic Nike shoe to me (albeit with an APC logo on the tongue) but I like that minimalist look so I’m not complaining. Yours for 90 euros.

Quote of the day

“I hate the term ‘hippie chic’. Hippies are not chic. I should know, I married one.”

Kate Hudson, InStyle