Bloggers unite

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Ooh what fun at TopShop! Susie Bubble, Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style (with her handsome prince), Stevie from Discotheque Confusion and me all met for some post-show chit-chat following the TopShop Unique show. Weirdly, we also spotted Cory Kennedy which we were all pretty  ‘meh’ about. I was much more excited to see ex-Fashionista Faran in the press office tent. No Sartorialist (yet) though. 

ABCs – the new fashion generation

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I’ve been catching up on my blogging and am utterly fascinated with this IHT piece on the current generation of American-Asian designers which I found via Business of Fashion

The article celebrates the ‘ABCs’ (American-born Chinese designers) as Peter Som dubs them, including Som, Thakoon, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Richard Chai et al. I hadn’t thought there was a common thread other than their ethnicity and I was right. Aesthetically, their styles are different but their Asian heritage does come into play. As Anna Sui puts it, there was an exclusion effect of Chinese immigrants being limited to a certain number of industries like restaurants and garment making so it’s no wonder many of the ABCs were from dressmaking families. Derek Lam’s grandparents had a bridal business in San Francisco and growing up he watched the seamstresses wrap fabric around chopsticks to create spaghetti straps. Love it! 

Fashion week fluster

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Oh yikes, LFW is almost upon us and I’m not nearly ready. Dammit, I’ve only just started genning up on New York fashion week (lots of rolled up trousers, sporty chic and girls in boys’ clothing so far), let alone working out my itineraries for the forthcoming week. To make matters worse, all my regular online reads have indepth fashion week coverage so not only do I have to try and keep up with the daily doses of info from,, Fashionista, Catwalk Queen et al, I now have to keep abreast of all the as-it-happens fashion feeds from the same sites as well as the new and (which has Kingdom of Style’s Michelle as contributor. Kudos!). I’m sure Ms Bubble will be out in force too, and I haven’t even mentioned the off-line Daily Rubbish newspaper, full of the kind of irreverant fashion fluff that floats my boat. Sheesh. Better start chasing up those tickets.

Takashi Yasumura

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Indigo Alison has very flatteringly (and I don’t think she was being sarcastic) compared my cake photo to the work of Takashi Yasumura. Now I confess that he wasn’t on my radar until now but I’ve checked his work on the link she gave and hey – I like! As D pointed out, the colour balance and compositions are vaguely remeniscent of 1970s American documentary photos (I’m thinking William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Mitch Epstein). Anyone alse agree? Hmm, I feel more investigation is needed. In the meantime, I can’t believe this Takashi fellow has copied my cake pic. What a cheek!

Takashi Yasamura

Stephen Shore

William Eggleston

Mitch Epstein

The finer details

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I’m a stickler for quality and for some reason that applies especially to the little things in life – like socks. Socks are important to me and there’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on a snazzy sock (fashion folk always refer to things in the singular) only for the heel to start whittling away by the third wear. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel gives good sock. The fit is just so, there’s ample stretch and they keep their shape well even after several cycles of the washing machine and dryer. And they look good too. My sock emporium of choice is Shop at Maison Bertaux. This is where I go for a cheap(ish) fash fix -Sonia socks are around the £12 mark – although I inevitably come out with some other unplanned-for purchase, how could I not when Madame also has the best pick of APC and Repetto this side of the Channel? Plus, last time I popped in I was not allowed to leave without one of her fabulously elegant tea sets, consisting of tea cup, saucer and cake plate (one can never have too many cake plates) …oh I was in chi-chi heaven! Anyway, I digress. My latest haul of Sonia socks is a riot of outsize polka dots and jazzy stripes. I’m wearing them with a crop jean and preppie loafers, or high heel faux-snake T-bars for special occasions.

Eighties remix at Alexander Wang ss09

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Chambray blue, grey marl mini-dresses, black stretch lace…but somehow Wang makes it look now. Also, how fabulous is his take on the two-in-one dress?


Quote of the day

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“Vivienne has been horrific. I’ve had many bad, bad problems because of her. I think she’s just deceiving herself. She is creating her own mythology.”
Uh oh, Vivienne and Malcolm are at loggerheads again, and this time, Joe Corre’s involved too.

Q & A with Laura Godsal, founder of

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In case you didn’t get the memo, hosiery is bigger than Obama this autumn. So, tights mistress Laura Godsal from is going to be very busy indeed for the next few months. A good job I sent her this Q & A a few weeks ago then. Former accountant Laura set up Mytights eight years ago so knows pretty much all their is to know about what we’re all going to be cladding our legs in from now ’til next year…

Disneyrollergirl: So Laura, why tights?
Laura Godsal: I hated buying them – I constantly got the wrong product, I could not remember what I purchased last time, I could never find what I wanted….. I basically set up the service that I would like to have.

DRG: Lots of people have great ideas but don’t act on them. How did you go from having the idea for MyTights, to making it a reality? Was it a struggle?
LG: Lots of hard work. The first few years in particular were tough. Cold calling is definitely not my forte and I had to do a lot of that to start with. I also knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about the hosiery business to start with – now I could practically do mastermind on the subject.

DRG: Who is the customer?
LG: Primarily 25 to 45 working women.

DRG: What’s your current best seller?
LG: Products that are constantly in the top sellers are Jonathan Aston Coloured Opaques, Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights and Spanx Power Panties.

DRG: What do you predict will be the big thing in legwear for AW08/9?

LG: Tights are huge this autumn. As always classic opaques will be the best sellers, however not just in black. By changing your tights you can completely change your look.

DRG: Who makes the best coloured opaques?
LG: I just love Falke Seidenglatt 70D opaques in neutrals and berry tones as they have a fantastic shine to them and feel amazing. For range of colours you cannot beat Jonathan Aston – these however are matt and personally I prefer shiny!

DRG: What’s your personal favourite legwear look?
LG: Where do I start! For everyday wear in the winter I live in a variety of textured tights in every colour imaginable – for this autumn, products such as Trasparenze’s Avril Tights and Amelia Tights (which I am wearing in metal right now as I write). I also cannot wait for the new Emilio Cavallini products to come in as they are fabulous. It’s very rare to find me in regular sheers or black opaques. If what I’m wearing is subdued then I will go for something very multicoloured. In the summer I live in Falke Shelina which are the ultimate in bare leg look tights and also Aristoc Ultra – you really don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fabulous looking legs. You also cannot beat seamed tights.

DRG: And your least?
LG: Footless! I know I am in the minority – but I think they makes your legs look shorter.

DRG: Any up-and-coming hosiery designers you want to recommend?
LG: We have got two new fabulous brands this year both of whom are proving extremely popular: Celeste Stein, who does the most amazing prints – these range from Harlequin designs to flowers to cats! We have lots more products due in over September including a large selection of different plaids/tartans. Also Bebaroque which is a very new company set up by two lovely Scottish girls. Their products are truly unique as they hand-embroider their products. They have recently become the Accessory Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards.

DRG: What’s been the highlight of MyTights so far?
LG: I just love it when I go places and meet people who are customers and love what we do.

DRG: What’s the biggest business lesson you’ve had to learn?
LG: Employ the right people. Delegate!

DRG: What are your favourite fashion websites?
LG: Top favourite of the office has to be ASOS!

DRG: What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s leggings range? Have leggings had their moment?
LG: They’re not something that I will be wearing! However sales of leggings and footless are on the up again. It looks as though they have now become a wardrobe staple.

DRG: What kind of tights are magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harpers calling in at the moment?
LG: Vogue is constantly calling in Celeste Stein (they have already featured them in two published issues since we launched the range in the UK in February). They also love Bebaroque. Plus opaques galore in every colour of the rainbow as well as black. After black, the colour we are getting most requests for is all shades of red.

DRG: What’s your best hosiery-care tip?
LG: Wash your tights in a hosiery bag.

DRG: Do you sell tights for men?
LG: Yes. When started men were among the first customers, however they are now in a very small minority.

DRG: What do you do with returns, can you tell if they’ve been worn?
LG: Yes, it’s very easy to see if a package has been opened. If there is any doubt whatsoever they are thrown away.

DRG: When I worked on an older woman’s magazine as an assistant, I used to get readers’ letters asking where to buy one-legged tights. You must get some funny requests…?
LG: You don’t want to know!

Benjamin Bixby hits Barneys

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When The Sartorialist featured André Benjamin (AKA Benjamin 3000) on the blog a few weeks ago the response was phenomenal. Everyone loves this guy. And now news is in that André has unveiled his own clothing line at Barneys, New York with other upscale outlets to follow. The line, Benjamin Bixby is inspired by ‘vintage documentary clips of American football players’ according to WGSN and consists of varsity sweaters, newsboy caps, denim and a long fake fur coat for good measure. As someone who’s madly into menswear on girls at the moment, this definitely appeals to me. Even if I don’t wear it, I want to see it. And rest assured, this is no lame celebrity fashion line. Ten years in the planning, Benjamin has self-financed the brand and knows his fashion inside out. He plans to change the look entirely for SS09 although the common thread will be classic dressing. Go André!

More info here

The wrong kind of high-low mix

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The papers are up in arms about a recent Indian Vogue fashion shoot. Said shoot depicts ultra luxury accessories including a Birkin bag, a Burberry umbrella and a Fendi bib on everyday (read: poor) people. I get the point of the people complaining but really, what’s new? From Vogue and umpteen other magazines jetting to ‘exotic’ developing countries to shoot their fashion stories, to John Galliano famously being inspired by the Parisian homeless for his boho-meets-hobo couture collection, to those now-cliched trailer park fashion shoots, magazines have been doing these ‘let’s shoot high fashion on poor people to create an edgy contrast!’ editorials for aeons. I doubt the subjects of the Vogue shoot feel the same affront as the critics – unless they were forced in front of the camera – although of course I could be wrong. I think we’d all agree however, that the Fendi bib is tacky – whether on a poor child or a rich one.