Wicked whispers

Which eccentric bespectacled fashion editor is such a difficult customer that none of the LFW courtesy car drivers are willing to drive her? Her regular driver only accepts the job because he’s paid extra for his trouble!

What a wit at Peter Jensen

This was the press release from the Peter Jensen show and luckily for me, Fashionista thought it was as entertaining as I did and have published it on their site. Shame the clothes – which were inspired by the films of Jodie Foster – weren’t as good as the press release but I guess you can’t have everything…(btw, Julie Verhoeven was responsible for the fugly painted jeans):

“Good evening, Clarice.”

“Hello, Doctor Lecter. I hope I’m not intruding. I have some…documents for you to look at.”

“You’re one of Peter Jensen’s, aren’t you?”

“I’m just here to show you the looks, Doctor. We’d like your opinion.”

“I see. Tell me about this collection, Clarice.”

“It’s about Jodie. Jodie Foster.”

“Another actress? He thinks he can dissect me with this blunt little tool?”

“It’s different this time. It’s androgynous. It begins with tailoring, damask mini skirt suits with oversized shirts, high waist trousers…”

“You don’t have to tell me, Clarice. I see floral jacquards, sequin spot tops, lace-up pencil skirts…this is the Foster of The Accused, of The Hotel New Hampshire, isn’t it?”

“We think so. But where is it going Doctor? Tell me.”

“You don’t need me to tell you, Clarice. Look inside Your Self.”

“What do you mean, Doctor?”

“This collection looks like you too, Clarice. The sporty good looks, the waspy attitude, the tomboy charm. Your grey marl tracksuit with gold foil spot, tailored jackets with shoulder pads. This is a collection for a woman who was never afraid to challenge herself on screen, from the bouncy young girl in Freaky Friday, to the street-wise streetwalker of Taxi Driver, the feisty teen in Foxes, right up to the precocious FBI trainee of Silence of the Lambs.”

“Quid pro quo, Doctor. Tell me what you see. Tell me about the prints. or maybe you’re afraid to.”

“You know what it looks like to me Clarice? It looks like you’ve been collaborating with Julie Verhoeven.”

“You see a lot, Doctor. It’s in the t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, scarves…They’ve got handwriting all over them.”

“They’re beautiful Clarice. Sometimes you wear leopard print, but not today.”

“It’s in the collection, Doctor.”

“You dreamed of getting out didn’t you? Getting out, getting all the way to the Oscars party. But you’ve got nothing to wear.”

“You’re wrong, Doctor. There are chiffon balloon-sleeve dresses, printed georgette suits. Satin dressing-gown dresses…he might be famous for relaxed and wearable clothing with quirky detailing, but Mr. Jensen is getting quite a reputation for party dresses. There’s a whole section of evening looks, inspired by Jodie in The Hotel New Hampshire.”

“Mr. Jensen knows nothing, Clarice. You know what he looks like to me, with his good bags and his amazing shoes? He looks like a London Fashion Week staple. And the world is certainly more interesting with him in it.”

More bloggers at LFW

Who knew there were so many bloggers at LFW? I couldn’t stop checking out these two unsmiling dudes at the Jaeger London show and in the end I had to ask them if I could get a photo (and I really hate doing that). They said yes and the inevitable ‘what do you do’ ensued. Turned out they are designers and one of them is Jaiden James whose blog I have commented on many a time. This blogging thing is making the world smaller by the minute and is almost (almost) freakin’ me out!

PPQ behind the scenes

Lucky me, I was given the backstage treatment pre-PPQ courtesy of their make-up sponsors Collection 2000. It was kind of weird being there with all this bustling activity around me. While the make-up artist was giving me her talk (it was all about the eyebrows), my head was doing Exorcist-style 360-degree turns just trying to take everything in.Β 

Practice walk – what the models wore:
Boyfriend blazer with scrunched up sleeves
Skinny black jeans
Cardigan-soft leather jacket
Thigh grazing mini dress (on Daisy Lowe)
Wet-look leggings
What the PR assistants wore:
Centre-parted 70s hair
Black opaque tights
Bows in the hair
Patent flats
Party frocks
What the punters wore:
Mismatched T-shirting stripes with chiffon
Tiered skirts
Ladylike handbags (Hermes Birkins! Chanel 2.55s!)
Stabby heeled ankle boots
Magenta tights
Eco bags